Hitler developed many plans after controlling Europe to implement them, including scientific and military plans. The most prominent of these plans is the project Germania, the capital of the world. This extraordinary project that carries in its details many symbols that Hitler wanted to communicate to the world to highlight his global control.

But these plans failed after Hitler's last battle for control of Europe, where they failed and defeated a major defeat, and all his plans went with him.

Hitler inspects a model project Germania, the capital of the world

After Hitler came close to victory, Germany had to be made the capital of the world. He wanted to reconstruct Germany so that it would become the greatest and largest global capital. The city was built, but after the defeat of Nazi Germany in the war, construction work stopped.

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Where science and art were considered a thing of heresy to the Church, they believed that these things were displays of insanity, atheism, and perversion. The artists of that era were the most humiliating to the church.

Political plans before it became an architectural one

This plan, despite its architectural goals, was not completely architectural, but rather was a political sign of control and great power in the world. Hitler chose to make the city the largest city in the world and chose the seat of government from the largest buildings in the world, in addition to the largest dome in the world. We will mention the architectural symbols in later parts of the article.

Grand Hall

Architectural project of Great Germania

They were to finish building this city by 1950, but Hitler's defeat prevented it. From an architectural point of view, the project has many strong symbols, as it wanted to deliver messages to the world through architecture. So it consisted of many buildings that have great architectural features that were able to deliver their message very strongly to the world. When we look at the project, we find that it wanted to restore the glory of the Roman Empire architecturally, and you will find that the architectural style that it used is the same as that used by the Roman Empire.

Three-dimensional diagram of the project

We will mention in this article some of the wonderful buildings that carry many messages

Architecture is a message that carries among its details many symbols that it presents to the whole world.
Did architecture find just to design a beautiful building?
This concept is very common among people. Some people may think that the importance of architecture is in designing a beautiful and distinctive building only, but this is very far from the truth for which architecture was found, so why is it important in our lives?

1. Splendors Street
It is a 7 km long street, and Hitler intended to place the best antiquities stolen from Europe along this street [1] to send his message to the world that Germany is superior to everyone, and it prevails in all countries.

2. Arc de Triomphe

Hitler was very obsessed with the architecture of Paris, and he wanted to surpass France in its best effects, so he decided to place the Arc de Triomphe at the end of the Splendors Street and make it better than the arch in Paris.

Arc de Triomphe
Jerash: the city of pillars
The ancient city of Jerash is considered one of the largest Roman archaeological cities in the world, and it is an integrated museum of art and architecture in addition to being one of the oldest cities rich in Roman columns, it is the city of a thousand columns.

3. Grand Hall

Hitler and Shabir were influenced by ancient Roman architecture, especially the domed architecture such as the dome of Saint Peter in the Vatican. The building was designed so that the dome weighs 200 thousand tons, a height of 300 meters and covers an area of ​​99 thousand square kilometers [1]. The building would have become the largest closed place in the world if the building were done and the largest dome in the world. This symbolizes strength, as the building's height and area symbolize the sovereignty over Europe. The largest dome in the world indicates the victory over Germany.

Grand Hall

4. Roads

It was supposed to be the best road in the world, so no traffic lights were planned due to the presence of transit tunnels.

Two-dimensional diagram of the project
The Romanesque and the Gothic Architectural Styles
Romanesque art was strongly inspired by Roman architecture and adopted the semicircular vault. It is a semi-circle with a central stone called the “keystone.”

Works built

Many buildings were built before the end of the war, including:

  • Reich Chancellary

It is one of the buildings that were executed before the end of the war, and it is the same building in which Hitler hid and committed suicide

Reich Chancellary
  • Berlin Olympics stadium building

It was built in 1936 in the city center of Berlin and it was also the largest in Europe.

Berlin Olympics stadium building

I believe that this project was the largest architectural project in history. Imagine if it is implemented, it will present to the world a great development in the sciences of engineering and architecture. I think that Albert Shpeer has great merit in the development of modern architecture only through his participation in the Great Germania project.

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[1] Mustafa Al-Sabri , 21 April 2018 , "I intend to call it "Germania, the capital of the world" ... Details of Hitler's fictional city plan" Retrieved: (10/9/2020) https://alwan.elwatannews.com

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