The pyramids are one of the most mysterious monuments in the history of human civilization. The Great Pyramids of Giza were built 4500 years ago. How were they built is still a mystery. Even scientists, researchers and technologists don’t know the actual method. They are trying to find out the mystery. Some theorists believed that it was built by Aliens. Though there is no proof that aliens made it. Let’s discuss the history of the pyramid! Why or how they build the pyramids or were aliens build the pyramids? (Article continues below)

Scientific creativity in the architectural design of the pyramids
More than 4,000 years after the building of the pyramids, mystery still surrounds many of its aspects, and it hides many of its advantages and secrets, especially about the ways that the Pharaohs followed in building them. What are the secrets of this masterpiece?

Why pyramids were built ?

Pyramids were built for religious purposes. In ancient times, the Egyptians believed that life does not end when a man dies. They are the first civilizations who believed in the afterlife. They believed that the second soul known as “Ka” lived in every human being and they also believed after death, the Ka will enjoy eternal life.[1]

The Great Pyramids were the tombs of the powerful pharaohs. The pyramid was built to protect the body of the deceased pharaoh. By the mummification process, their physical body was protected after their death. So that they can enjoy the eternal life after death. After the mummification process, the pharaoh was given their most prized possessions like jewelary, foods and so many items. Actually, pyramids were built to protect the body of the pharaohs. [2][1]

How the pyramids were built?

What we see in the engineering and architecture of the present age is quite normal to us because we are accustomed to seeing it. But look at pyramids, it is entirely different and mysterious.

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The pyramids were made by gigantic stones which are up to 25 to 80 tons. A stone block of weighing 25 to 80 tons is challenging to move one place to another place without the help of wheels or crane or other technology. But they had nothing. Then how they build pyramids without technology? Here is the question. The scientist, archaeologists and geotechnologists are confused and they didn’t know the actual way. But how did they find out the ways the pyramids were built? Let’s discuss it!

Some researchers hypothesized that the early Egyptians dragged stones through the desert. Though they had no wheels. They speculated that the branches of the tree might have been cut off and dragged away from the stones. It can be easily explained for small or middle-sized stones. Though there is no evidence that they actually did this. [3]

Ancient Greek historians believed that the Egyptians used a ramp system to move the stone blocks up the pyramid. The scientists from the University of Liverpool explained that they have found a ramp that they believed was used to pull huge blocks of stone up the pyramids and they used a two-way pulley system. [4] Though there is no proof that the Egyptians used this method.

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Dutch researchers found a clue from a wall painting in the pyramid. They saw a man pulling something like a sled and another person pouring water over the sand. By pouring water in the sand, it will be slippery and huge stone blocks can easily be moved. Perhaps ancient Egyptians did the same to build the pyramid. The researcher did an experiment on it. When they dragged the sleds on dry sand, they needs more force to pull them. When they added water on the sand, then it required low force to pull. [5]

In the Greek language, it means the ten cities, a group of regions in northern Jordan and southern Syria, which were prosperous Roman cities during the first centuries of Roman rule

Were the pyramid built by Aliens ?

Scientists are trying to find out the existence of aliens. Though they didn’t get the presence of the aliens. Many scientists believe they do exist. Many people think that pyramids were made by aliens. There is some reasons that they think it was made by aliens. Though, the scientists didn’t find out their existence. Let's discuss why they believe that!

1. From the wall painting of the pyramid, we saw there are something like Airplanes, pictures of Alien with big eyes and modern alien spaceships etc. That’s why some theorists believed that it was made by Alien.

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2. The enormous stone weight was up to 80 tons and during this time, there was no modern technology that they move stones. Though pyramids were entirely made by using these stones. For this, some people think that aliens built it.  

3. Many things are coincidentally similar to the pyramid. There is a theory called the Orion correlation theory. The hierarchical structure of the pyramids that correspond to the three stars in the sky. If we want to see those structures, we have to see it from the upper site. But during this time, there were no drones or similar technology. But this structure was made perfectly. That’s why some theorists think that is was made by aliens. [6]

One question remains about pyramids. Were they built by aliens? We have to wait to find the answer. Scientists, researchers, and geotechnologists aren’t sure about how the pyramids were built, and we have no idea if aliens exist at all!

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