In Latin America Venezuela is a country on the north coast of South America with beautiful natural tourist attractions, on the Caribbean coast we find tropical tourist islands such as the Margarita Island and the Roques Archipelago. To the northwest is the Andes Mountains and the Colonial City of Merida.

Undoubtedly Venezuela is characterized by:

  • its magnificent places
  • beautiful beaches
  • friendly tourist people
  • beautiful mountains and passages
  • amazing rivers and waterfalls

In Venezuela tourism is an issue which is commonly related for profit. Tourism in Venezuela has developed considerably in recent years favorably to the geographical position of the country, different landscapes, beautiful beaches and richness in flora and fauna that make this country one of the best countries with best touristic places to visit, the privileged tropical climate of the country accompany tourists to enjoy an unforgettable experience in each region visited every year. Many of the beaches in Venezuela are those that define the richness of beautiful beaches worth visiting on our next trip to Latin America.

Many of the most famous sites for their beautiful tourist sites are:

  1. Puente sobre el Lago de Maracaibo (Zulia State)
  2. Teleférico Mukumbarí (Mérida State)
  3. La Ciénaga (Aragua State)
  4. Autana (Amazonas State)
  5. Teatro Teresa Carreño (Venezuela's Capital)
  6. Cabo San Román (Falcón State)
  7. Isla La Tortuga (Dependencias Federales)
  8. Cascada El Vino (Lara State)
  9. Relámpago del Catatumbo (Zulia State)
  10. Castillos de Margarita (Nueva Esparta State)

Despite the current state of the economy in Venezuela and despite the crisis, many people are making trips in the Venezuelan tourism sector, many people still have hopes in the country and believe that with their efforts in the tourism industry of the same can continue to operate in the national market of the country internationally and nationally. Tourism in Venezuela has always been something that has been talked about in different parts of the world, its beaches, its flora and its phaina give you to talk about when you want to visit a new place and experience new experiences.

#1 Puente sobre el Lago de Maracaibo (Zulia State)

The Maracaibo Bridge in Zulia State is one of the most deep-down tourist sites in Venezuela, the Bridge over Lake Maracaibo is a magnificent place and bridge through which millions of people who can observe the beautiful landscape from different perspectives pass from above. Definitely this is one of the best places in Venezuela if you like adrenaline and want to live a beautiful experience.

#2 Castillos de Margarita (Nueva Esparta State)

Margarita Castles on Margarita Island in Venezuela is also one of the most attractive tourist spots in the Venezuelan territory, however many people consider this place as one of the most important places on the list of tourist places that are worth visiting within the country, the island of margarita has to delight all lovers of ancient fortifications of many years ago , with its 4 colonial castles that are located on the edge of the beaches we have:

  • San Carlos de Borromeo in Pampatar
  • Santa Rosa at La Asunción
  • The Fortín La Caranta
  • The Fortín de la Galera

#3 Relámpago del Catatumbo (Zulia State)

The Catatumbo Lightning in Zulia State is one of Venezuela's famous landmarks with a Guinness Record, the relampague of the Catatumbo is the most powerful in the world and can be seen from hundreds of kilometers away anywhere, although the femonem is not produced in the lake of Maracaibo yet it is a meteorological phenomenon only on planet earth where from 18 to 60 lightnings per minute pass for periods from 9-10 hours per day.

#4 Isla La Tortuga (Dependencias Federales)

After Margarita Island and Los Roques, La Tortuga Island is the third best known island in Venezuelan geography thanks to its wonderful beaches with a turquoise blue color and its beautiful white sands.
It is located near the capital of Venezuela, you can reach this place by boat and it is a touristic place quite ideal to share a different afternoon with friends and practice diving and kayaking. There are no big hotels or restaurants on this island.

#5 Cabo San Román (Falcón State)

Cabo San Roman is not one of the best known tourist destinations in Venezuela but it is one of the most beautiful places in Venezuela that is usually visited by the Venezuelan people who are lovers of tourism and the beautiful places that exist in venezuelan territory.
This place is the northernest point of all Venezuela (second to the north of South America) being located on the peninsula of Paraguana, you can see from afar the island of Aruba.

#6 Teatro Teresa Carreño (Venezuela's Capital)

The Theater of Teresa Carreño in Caracas (capital of Venezuela) is a main point of visit in the city of Caracas along with the Plaza de los Museos (Fine Arts and Natural Sciences).
This beautiful theatre both outside and inside is located opposite the antigu Hotel Hilton and is the best reflection of modern art and culture. This place has been the host of many concerts and events of great scale and importance that have been held in the capital of Venezuela for which it is considered one of the main touristic and famous places of the country.

#7 Autana (Amazonas State)

The sacred tepuy "Autana" is considered as "The Tree of Life" for the piaroa people living in this region of the country.
It is located in the state of Amazonas and is the least populated and well known in Venezuela.
Having some respect for the tradition and culture of indigent people, during the open trips to this touristic place, you can not climb this tourist area, even so, those who have had the opportunity and the pleasure of knowing this place claim that it is an experience of "another world".
This place can only be reached from a river in Puerto Ayacucho (state capital)

#8 Cascada El Vino (Lara State)

The Waterfall of wine in the Lara State is a beautiful place and all the people who have had the opportunity to visit the Lara state come in love with all its small towns and their nature.
Within the Dinira National Park in the Lara State, near the villages of humacaro is located the waterfall of the wine.
This place is an incredible place in Venezuela due to its reddish waters that are due to organic compounds typical of the roots of the trees of the area.

#9 La Ciénaga (Aragua State)

La Cienaga in the Aragua State is located throughout the region of Ocumare on the coast of this place, this place is beautiful and its crystal clear waters are totally clean and are shallow waters.

This place looks like a large lagoon of calm transparent waters, it is a totally ideal place to spend a relaxing day with your family or kayak.To reach this beautiful touristic place you can reach by boat trip from the port that is located in the village of Ocumare de la Costa, however, there are days when the sea is chopped, even so, the coastal landscapes that can be observed are fascinating but the experiences vary depending on how the weather is found to each tourist.

#10 Teleférico Mukumbarí (Mérida State)

The teleferico of "Mukumbarí" has another of the Guinness Records nationwide in the country as the "Merida Cable Car".Being the tallest and longest in the world, with more than 12 km of travel to reach a maximum height of 4,800 meters in the Sierra Nevada.

This beautiful passage has 5 stops, where visitors and tourists can get off to appreciate stunning landscapes of the Venezuelan Andean mountains; one of the most beautiful touristic landscapes in Venezuela is undoubtedly this place that has a rather cold climate that will freeze your hands if you do not wear gloves.The "teleférico" also allows anyone to climb up to the "Mirror Peak" in a matter of minutes, arriving on many occasions as high until they can touch the snow.

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