A tear in his eye
Flowers in his hand
Heart beating in grief
Watching in disbelief
As his fair relief
Swooned in the arms of another
He was a man in love

Gun in his hand
Blood in the other
A conscience laid to rest
Hatred fueled by desire
There lay two corpses
One by the bullet
The other by his hand
The fair maiden and her lover
He was a man in love

He plead guilty
No remorse, no pity
Even as the judge did his duty
No tears, no woes
Cept a smile to the hangman
A jerk and a twist
Was all he gave as he went stiff
He was a man in love

An oak casket
An opened diary
A note thus read;
"I danced to woo
You lead on
Stop me now in my head
Tell me there is another
And spare my heart
I am a man in love...."

( This simply proves to be the bad emotions can end up causing a lot of unexpected shit things )

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