In the realm of dreams, where aspirations soar
I planted seeds of ambition, forevermore
A tapestry woven with threads of hope
In fields of challenges, where dreams elope

Beneath the sun's ascent, my spirit unfurls
Rising from the shadows, where uncertainty swirls
For every stumble, a step forward gained
In the symphony of perseverance, success is attained

Oh, the dance of setbacks and victories sweet
In the labyrinth of life, where paths discreet
Through the twists and turns, a journey unfolds
A story of resilience, of tales yet untold

Amidst the ruins of shattered endeavors (oh-oh)
Emerges a phoenix, fierce and clever
Failure, the sculptor of character's grace
Success, the climax, in life's thrilling chase

In the mosaic of time, each failure a hue
Blended with wisdom, a palette anew
Rise, oh seeker, from the lows you've known
For success is a melody, in the heart's tone

Let the echoes of your dreams reverberate
In the tapestry of fate, design your fate
With courage as your compass, and passion as your guide
You'll ascend the peaks, where dreams abide.