Gratitude is what determines a happy life; and in relation to this happiness, gratitude also determines the lifestyle a person leads and what this person is related to, the little or the much we may have in throughout our lives.

Even so, when things are difficult, we must think and take into account all the things we have. There are so many things to be grateful for.

Gratitude is a feeling and an emotion, an appreciation and recognition for what you have in life.

Gratitude can improve overall the personal well-being; also other studies have shown that people who show gratitude and practice it in their lives are much more resilient to the traumas and problems they may face in life.

The Antidote to Mindlessness and Destruction
Not very long ago, I started believing in the philosophy that says that we become what we pay attention to and that hat the most important that we can give to those we love is the quality of our mind.

There are so many ways to keep track of the blessings and things that are present in our lives in order to be grateful and completely happy for what we have from the time we wake up until the time we go to bed, there are so many reasons why we should be happy and grateful.

In daily life, meditation is also an important point, it usually involves a very important concentration in the human mental state.

Meditation is also used to focus on all the things for which we may be grateful such as any nutritious meal, a moment or experience with our friends or a good night's rest.

Connect With Me!
The happiness of any person is an unique emotion.

Knowing how to be grateful in life improves our heart health, helps us stay healthy, and research has shown that a "positive attitude" can reduce the risk of depression, anxiety and stress, which are several factors when getting a heart disease.

Similarly, studies with many participants who developed symptomatic heart failure problems showed that they were willing to look on the bright side of life and show a little gratitude.

Since then, they started to show different results when they started to see they would sleep and take better of themselves increasing higher happiness levels, a better health and a better rest.

Yet, the effects of gratitude go much further. Studies have even shown that being able to express gratitude is associated with very positive results in all future relationships; while many other researchers have even compared gratitude to auxiliary emotions that make people trustworthy.

Dealing With Other to Deal With Ourselves
We live in a society where we have to deal with others. Do we have to? why we have to?

When demonstrating the importance or value of a person in our lives, we can demonstrate, as well as provide, happiness and trust.

The effort to gain someone's trust can show that friendships may last a long time if they are nurtured.

Gratitude goes a long way in improving self-esteem as well. One of the most important points in being grateful is that, there is no point of comparison with material or physical things, beyond everything; we come to appreciate everything we have. At this point, you stop comparing yourself to many people in totality.

woman in brown sweater looking at her man
Gratitude also helps us to strengthen our friendships, bonds and relationships in a better way. 

Gratitude and the point of comparison at a certain point does help to get rid of toxic feelings and bad emotions such as envy or greed for things that do not exist in our lives. This helps to cultivate a better self-esteem and a better state of mind.

Many studies have also shown that many of the regular expressions of gratitude can alter the molecular structure of the human brain and keep the gray material active and functioning.

In addition, being grateful activates multiple sources of the human brain by boosting the production of happiness hormones such as dopamine and serotonin.

For many people the simple act of someone being respectful to them, responding with a "thank you" or at least being polite, can make them feel happy and just a "thanks" can brighten their days.

There may exist some cases in which we can consider that there is no reason to be thankful for, what we have in our lives, what exists and what we have achieved in the past.

But, Thankfulness is showing that you appreciate, love and care for what you have, what you have had and what you want or would like to have.

All human beings have the opportunity to grow and learn, make mistakes and learn from them, which is one of the reasons why we can be grateful.

Life can be difficult or even hard to bear in many cases but when we know how to face adversity in a positive way we can take into account what we have and what we can be grateful for.

We can focus on either the darkness or the light, and that simply depends on us and what we decide to choose.

Being grateful is simply a choice that allows us to feel in the space of happiness and consciously emphasize the fact that we know how to appreciate what we have, what we have had and what we hope to have.

When we are grateful, there are no judgments or prejudices and we know how to appreciate life from a better point of view.

We may think that gratitude is simply something insignificant, but when we know that there are many people in the world who do not have the same resources that we have.

Then, we know that gratitude is very important in our lives because it is the conscious way of knowing how to respond or react with what we have had.