The world is going through a pandemic outbreak for Covid19. This is totally a new virus linked to the alike family of viruses as SARS. The world is being horrified as the days are going through. Still we have no vaccine for recovering from Coronavirus. As the number of infected people are increasing day by day, many misconceptions are rising up simultaneously. We will discuss here about one of the worst misconceptions about Covid19. So,why are you guys waiting for ! Let’s dive into it.

First things first, for becoming clear with the title you can see up here we are going to break our writing down into two steps.

1) Difference between alcoholic sanitizer and alcoholic drinks.
2) What happens when we consume alcohol as drinks? [ Digestive Systems ]

1. Difference between alcoholic sanitizer and alcoholic drinks.

Alcoholic Sanitizer:

i) Ingredients: Ether,Isopropyl or Rubbing alcohol,Aloe vera gel, essential oil: tea tree oil, lavender, or lemon juice instead.
ii) Quantity: 70% alcohol (ether), ¾ cup of isopropyl or rubbing alcohol (99%), ¼ cup of aloe vera gel, 10 drops of essential oil.
iii) Producing Method: Mixing up.


Alcoholic Drinks:

i) Ingredients: Fruits, Sugar, Grapes,barley,Corn,Rye,Wheat,herbs,seeds,flowers,roots etc
ii) Quantity: Completely different from Sanitizer. Specially
alcohol range is around 35-60%.
iii) Producing method: Fermentation

So now! We can simply guess consuming alcohol won’t be as same as the process of how virus kills. Now, another question can raise up like What if we change their quantities? Here’s the main point why that might also not possible.

2.  Digestive system of drinking alcohol:

When we drink alcohol, first of all Stomach absorbs approximately 20% and rest 80% are absorbed through the small intestine. Here’s a little bit metabolism becomes done. Almost 90% metabolism becomes done through liver. Enzymes from liver break down the alcohol. It processes one standard drink in one hour. Water and Carbon-dioxide are produced from toxic in liver. A very tiny amount of alcohol drains through lungs. Rest are extracted through sweet, blood and et cetra.

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1) As corona direct attacks on lungs, so alcohol can’t go there literally.
2) Alcohol must face metabolism first. Where it almost ends up.
3) If a little bit amount of alcohol goes to lungs by extracting but that is so less to kill viruses. Even chances are it can go vice-versa means  victim can fall into the various problems as bonus.

So, it’s now easily understandable that why it’s not quite possible.Although, scientists are doing research and study on how to be cured from this covid-19.Even they are making vaccine, trialing them pushing into human body. Let’s see what happens. Till then, stay home, stay safe. We pray to our God as he saves us from this pandemic outbreak. See ya again, bye.