Pets are great pals, and this friendship becomes stronger when these furry little souls are converted into family members. Dogs are great pets as family members and rejoice the joys of life. Golden retrievers have a combination of all the traits we are discussing right now.

Photo by Petra Bouchalová 

Golden retrievers stand amongst the top dog breed in the United States of America. Golden retrievers are also considered one of the most friendly and gentle dogs all over the world. If we talk about their agility, obedience, and friendliness, they are trendy in the canine family. They are popular as pets in families because of unique abilities that can differentiate them from other dog breeds. Acceptance of strangers is a significant factor innate in these dogs, and that is how they become great family pets. If we talk about their loyalty, golden retrievers are among the most loyal dog breeds worldwide. These dogs love to do all the jobs assigned to them by their owners because they have a passion for hard work. Below are some of the distinctive traits that compel people to get this dog as your family pet.

Photo by Helena Lopes 

Loving and caring nature

Most dogs are caring, but if we conduct the competition, golden retrievers are quite competitive compared to other dog breeds in this game. These dogs have some innate capabilities that oblige them to love other species, either these species are cats or some other animals. They have a gentle heart and love to take care of those kittens or cats whose mothers are either died or abandoned due to some reasons. If golden retrievers are in a zoo, they take care of their fellow animals because of their polite nature.

Golden fit for children

For children, golden retrievers are perfect playing partners as children want to play every time with these furry little souls. Golden Retrievers are always active and excited to play with their young owners. There is a compassionate bond between children and these pets, which is indescribable. Golden retrievers can run along with children in playgrounds, play with them for long hours, and cuddle with them after coming home. This bond of affection can enhance confidence in children. These children can perform well in their academic and social life. Children can give these dogs different challenges and task which golden retrievers love to accomplish.

Photo by Sabina Fratila

Golden Retrievers as a family member

As we all know that golden retrievers are one of the best pets in consideration of a family pet, so they are also considered as family members. There are specific reasons to validate that fact. Golden retrievers are very docile, and they love to play with children and take care of everyone. Golden retrievers have exceptional intelligence, and they tend to learn everything they are taught. So these dogs are energetic, and they want to be a part of someone's family. These explanations can justify that golden retrievers deserve to be a family member.

Photo by Chen Mizrach on Unsplash

Athletic and agile behavior

Having a highly athletic body, you cant spare them alone all day long. These dogs do require some outdoor recreation to freshen up their moods and live happily all day long. You can make light up their moods by giving them a long walk daily. According to research, it has been estimated that exercise can provide these dogs not only physical strength but also build up their mental agility. Considering this fact, one can say that long runs are highly essential for golden retrievers as they are soul-feeding stuff for them. Golden Retrievers act as family members when you care about their requirements regarding physical well being and mental health. An important point to consider while adopting a golden retriever as a family pet is a time. Can give them the adequate time they deserve because this would be a significant question mark to golden when you adapt them and do not pay much heed to them? So please spare some time for this member when you are marveling about keeping them as a family pet.

Photo by Anjuli Anjuli

Intelligence as a vital component

Intelligence is what makes everything stand out in front of others. Golden Retrievers save their ranking in the top five most intelligent dogs all over the globe. Their intelligence can make them an obedient dog. They can hear up to your commands and learn several things in no time. If you want them to learn some tricks,  they will remember them in no moment. Firstly, golden retrievers wish to utilize their intelligence to obey their pet parents because they have assumed these owners as their birth parents and part of their family. It creates a unique privilege of devotion between pet and owner.

Photo by Benjamin Ilchmann on Unsplash

Is Golden Retriever worth a shot?

After discerning all the facts, a golden retriever is worth a shot if you want a family pet. Golden Retrievers are more than ordinary dogs because of remarkable traits inculcated in them by nature. You have to compromise on a few things before getting yourself a pet like a golden retriever, like time. Golden Retriever is sensitive to allergic conditions like other dogs, so you should keep an eye on their activities to keep them away from such allergies. Intelligence and obedience are some killing specs of these pets that every owner wants in its pet, that would make a golden retriever one of the most favorite family pets among different dog breeds out there.  You must be free enough to spare some time for your pet. Golden Retriever wants proper attention rather than becoming a sloth or potato couch. So if you wish to get yourself a golden retriever, then go ahead; you should get one.