In 2014 the Earth has witnessed a new economic alliance rising up to face the system who subjugate the the world since 1944 when the representative of 44 countries gathered in Bretton Woods to establish an economic system that recognized by them and agreed to the world’s new system of economic and agreed to recognize the American dollar as the global currency when the dollar was set at $ 35 for an ounce of gold, on the basis of this conference, which was attended by those who were anti-Nazi, the American dollar became a global mean for commercial transactions and the preservation of the national reserve so that it could be exchanged for gold. It was also decided that America should be in charge of two major economic institutions, the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank Who will be the observers of the central banks of the countries that have accepted the terms of the Bretton Woods Agreement.

The Age of Illumination
What we called the Age of Illuminations is the period that followed the mid of 16th century after a large number of scientific discoveries that happened by famous scientists, this term become widely spread to include any kind of science that illuminate the mind.

The Soviet Union attended this conference, but did not sign this agreement, and the Soviet Union became the only major country that did not comment or deal with the American dollar and was not a measure of their local currency (ruble). and the Bretton Woods Conference was the third stage of the world economy of the contemporary global financial monetary system, and by that agreement the world witnessed a new economic system by the allies who defeated Nazi-Germany.

The nations flags that Participate in Bretton Woods Conference

After the establishment of an economic system by the developed and strong countries militarily and economically, the weak countries such as the countries of Africa and the poor countries of Asia were neglected, and they did not get any good because of this economic system. On the contrary, the poor became poorer and the rich became richer, and this is one of the disadvantages of the modern capitalist system as it focuses on enlarging wealth Owners of production elements, owners of factories and banks, as well as the main problems of this system is dealing with Usury as an economic system for lending and debt.

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The economically powerful superpowers have realized the extent of the fragility of this economic system, and when it faces any problem or obstacles, it collapses directly, and after realizing that, they tried to make adjustments and reforms and try to make developing countries industrial countries, but they failed and they increased the situation of these countries more tragic.

In order to understand why the International Monetary Fund worsens the conditions of countries, we must talk about (restricted loans), for example: there is a country that does not have an industrial sector or natural resources such as oil, gas or minerals and needs some project for its development, so the International Monetary Fund By lending this country a certain amount of money, and this is what people understand wrongly, this money does not go to the borrowing country and they have the freedom to dispose of it, no, but this loan determines the work that will be established on the lands of this country and also determines the company that does the work and often it is an American company or company From the lending countries.

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On this basis, these loans benefit the capitalist companies of the lending countries more than the countries on which the projects are located, for example (the owner of a factory offers you a certain amount of money and he tells you to buy from me only, and he will take the interest from you) and because of this system occurred Many extortion operations, as these lending countries impose their policies on the borrowing countries in order to obtain this money, and there is no option for these simple countries except to submit to their conditions and their political game, and this is the beginning of the enslavement of countries, dropping them into debt, and there will be no reconstruction in them. We cannot forget that this system was fundamentally established in order to preserve and increase the value of money for its member states. With this complex relationship in terms of politics and economics, the International Monetary Fund has deviated from the course for which it was established, which is to "ensure the stability of the work of borrowing countries from it" and turned to guaranteeing and increasing the world's most famous currency (the American dollar) because the application of all these principles makes it easy to link donor and borrowing countries Politically

What is the new to the world? is there any clue to the solution? should we wait the aliens to coma and solve our economic problems with their modern technology?

A conference was held in 2009 in order to discuss ways to improve the economic reality of a group of countries and draw up a roadmap and other plans for the future of the member states, which in turn will prepare them to enter the global economy and have an impact on it, These countries gathered in the first conference were (Brazil, Russia, India, China) so they call it (BRIC).

Their primary goal was to create a multi-polar and multi-ideological economic system
It was important for them to create a unified currency among the member states in order to consider it an official currency for them, such as the European Union when it chose the euro currency as its unified currency for economic and commercial dealings between these countries.

BRIC summit at 2009

In 2011 South Africa joined this new association that the fools mocked and became wary of them by the wise and economists and there are many countries seeking to join this new economic alliance that will change the familiar face of the world we know now..
Thus, this alliance became a new member, and these countries pledged to restrict absolute economic cooperation and exchange between member states and encourage the growth of local work and restrict foreign work, especially the US dollar, and after that, specifically in 2013, they decided to plan to establish a bank to compete with the International Monetary Fund controlled by the United States. American who did not give real support to the economy of developing countries.

One of their most prominent goals in this period was to establish an economic system that is able to withstand the most severe economic shocks and be a system away from political pressures, political money and corruption.

Facts about the Brics countries
1-It represents 40% of the world's population.
2-And it represents 25% of global domestic production.
3-It represents  33% of global trade.
4-It represents  46% of the global labor market.
5-It includes 40% of the global economic growth and its countries are witnessing an unprecedented economic renaissance led by China.

Conclusion: After every crisis and after each disaster, something new is produced that has historically studied and understood the problems of those who preceded it, and tries with all his effort and expertise to not repeat these problems and face new problems, and in our article today we dealt with a new emerging group in which some people see the new hope for developing countries in Achieving economic stability was not achieved by the old monopolistic capitalist system. Are they right?
Some may see it as mere imperialist colonial ambitions to colonize developing countries
who knows? The future for sure. Thank you

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