The world around us is evolving and changing rapidly — you may find yourself wondering what will be next. As the world seems to be getting more sophisticated by the moment, we are actually in a season of wonderful expectations!

In the coming days we will not only see an improvement on already existing systems and structures, we shall also witness the emergence and operations of a wholly new and efficient system and structures-such as have not been seen in the past. With the advent of this new technology, scientist will explore nature in different ways and come up with new discoveries.  

Development soar on the wings of scientific and technological advancements as these underpin economic advances, improvements in education, infrastructure, health system etc.

Today, we see science education playing a vital role in delivering to young students the skills and knowledge they need to succeed both in school and beyond by engaging them with exciting materials and experiences.

Our standard of living now is far better than what it used to be, kids of this century seem to outsmart those of the past-the increase in knowledge is overwhelming. Mobile phones and the internet has made information and communication much easier and efficient. More so, the standard of living in the coming days will be far better than our present experiences because new technology impacts our daily live in every field.

There is a future for science and technology and every passing day draw us closer to the future.

Today, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a very popular subject that is widely discussed in the technology and business circles. Many experts and industry analysts argue that AI or machine learning is the future – but if we look around, we are convinced that it’s not the future – it is the present.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is already in use around the globe and a routine part of our daily lives, but we leverage this technology when we use our smartphones or other devices to ask Google Now, Apple's Siri or Amazon's Alexa a question to get the facts or data we are searching for. We give instructions to our devices and using voices, one could ask questions such as , "Where is the nearest hospital?", and the Intelligent Personal Assistant (IPA) will respond promptly by searching through the web content, collecting information and relaying it from your phone or other devices. With the advancements in technology, we are already connected to Artificial Intelligence (AI) in one way or the other. Yes, the technology is in its initial phase and more and more companies are investing resources in machine learning, indicating a robust growth in Artificial Intelligence (AI) products and apps in the near future.

The following statistics will give you an idea of growth!

– In 2014, more than $300 million was invested in AI startups, showing an increase of 300%, compared to the previous year (Bloomberg)

– By 2018, about 6 billion connected devices proactively ask for support as was predicted. (Gartner)

– By the end of 2018, “customer digital assistants” started recognizing customers by face and voice across channels and partners as was predicted (Gartner)

–  Artificial intelligence will replace 16% of American jobs by the end of the decade (Forrester)

– 15% of Apple phone owners’ users use Siri’s voice recognition capabilities. (BGR)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is gaining popularity at a quicker pace; influencing the way we live, interact, and improve customer experience. Indeed, there are lots more to explore in AI and an exclusively new advancement and innovations to come in the coming years with greater improvements, development, and governance.

The human mind is limitless and our imaginations are infinite. Scientific and technological innovations begin from the mind. When such great thoughts and ideas are conceived in the mind and worked out in the physical a new development is birthed. A group of scientist once had a meeting wherein they shared their thoughts about the scientific discoveries that might be made in the next 100 years.

Below are a few on the list

Professor Franco Cotana, Professor, Industrial Technical Applied Physics, Faculty of Engineering, University of Perugia, Italy Imagined: A Physical Internet and the Fifth Mode of Transport

"Pipenet is a project started 15 years ago by researchers at CIRIAF-University of Perugia (Italy) proposing an innovative vision of a new transportation system. It consists of a low-cost, environmentally sustainable network of pipes with linear electrical frictionless engines powered by renewable energy sources where encapsulated goods are transported at a velocity >1500 km/h with a transportation capability equal to 1 ton/sec (see"

Sanghamitra Anand, Junior Academy student, National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India Imagined: "Lyf-Fi"

"We can't imagine being without "Wi-Fi connectivity" — our need for information, communication and entertainment makes us dependent on the internet and the technology to access it. We also need plants to promote life. Imagine how incredibly accessible and lush our world would be if we could manage to genetically engineer each of the millions of plant species to give off Wi-Fi. The economic and technological advancements would be huge..."

Sharon Lin, Junior Academy student, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, MA Imagined: Space Elevators, Thought to Text and Energy-based Paint

"With recent interest in space tourism, I think it's worth speculating about the creation of "space elevators" — structures that will allow rockets to launch at the edge of the atmosphere, rather than from the surface..."

Yu Zhang, Assistant Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, University of California, Santa Cruz, CA Imagined: The Coming Revolution in Smart Electric Power.

"The way we generate and consume electricity in the early 22nd century will look a lot different than the way we do it in the early 21st century. Advanced sensor capabilities and smart internet-capable devices along with high-penetration renewable energy will transform the nation's aging power infrastructure..."