We use technology everywhere in our life. We use it in our living rooms, kitchens, even in our bathrooms. We also use technology in education everywhere. In this article, we will examine the place of technology in education. But first, we need to know about education.

What is education? Where to start and end?

Education is that human behavior changes positively or negatively. But we want it to change positively. Education starts at home, and it continues until death. It has no ending. Technology is accompanying us throughout our life such as education.

Technology at school

Smartboards, tablets, projections, computers are the tool we use in school. These tools have a direct impact on education. Some tools, like a light bulb, have a indirect effect on learning. No invention has been found for direct education, often invented for military purposes.

In this age, teachers give education interactively in technological environments. Teachers use some apps like Kahoot, Powtoon to make lessons more remarkable for students. Students learn to code. This education prepares children for programming, the profession of the future. Because of that, kids can be more confident about the future.

History of the technology of education:

Verbal communication is the basis of formal education such as communication. Information was transmitted verbally in the early stages of history, and this, unfortunately, causes some information to be forgotten.

Therefore technology started to be used, and writing was invented. But there were people against this invention. Those people said using the writing will cause laziness.

But writing came with ease. Forgetting of information disappeared with writing. Information became more accessible and indestructible thanks to writing. The first uses writing includes:

I. The writing was first seen in Sumerian, Assyrian and Babylonian tablets.

II. It was seen in papyruses and textbooks of Ancient Rome - Greek empires.*

After Textbooks of Rome and Scriptures, printing press invented, bam just like that! And some people were against it. Information became easily accessible because of the printing press. After that, the number of written documents increased. However, the need to be literate has emerged. Textbook usage increased in education. As a result, formal education has become widespread especially in Europe.

In the 19th century, transportation developed, and postal systems were formed. The foundations of international education were laid.  An external graduation program that you learned by letter began at the University of London in (1858).

With the presence of electricity:

Electric lamp, telephone, television entered our lives and we tried to use them in education. Inventions co-written resources have less dominance in education. The invention of the radio affected education.

In 1920, the BBC started to produce educational programs for school for the first time. Radio programs used verbal communication. And they did programs like documentaries. Teachers use computers in many ways for education. They use it to prepare a presentation to play educational games.

In the present day, we have laptops, tablets, smartphones with the internet. We have many apps which are I said at the beginning of the article. Technology is changing fast. We can’t know what we will see in the future. In my opinion, we can wear technology. So maybe it will be chipped for education. Teachers can transfer the information to us along with flash memory. Google has glasses that we can access the internet. Maybe we can use it in education.


Technology creates the future. But there are always people who are against it. Well, people are afraid of what they don't know. It should be understood that technology is useful as one gets to know how to use it. And we use technology very well in education.

We use technology to make lessons more interesting in education and to increase participation in my education.

Thank you for reading!


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