Immersive technology Is any technology that is able to extend or create new realities by leveraging 360 degree view to allows users  see content from any direction, this technology overlays content on the physical space or completely creates a new reality that completely shuts the user from the real world.


Virtual reality is a simulated virtual experience designed to be interactive with the intention of simulating vision, touch, hearing, and even smell to create a full virtual experience.


Augmented Reality is the combination of real and virtual worlds to create real-time interactions and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects making it a very different experience from virtual reality experience which is an absolute virtual experience.


Mixed reality as the name implies is a hybrid of both the real and virtual world though it does not exclusively take place in any as it’s a hybrid of both worlds it is very different from AR which is a real-world experience overlayed with virtual objects or VR which is a whole virtual experience.


X Reality Here the features of all three above mentioned technologies are combined to create a new type of immersive technology that has none of the limitations of the others powered by 5g XR will revolutionize how we communicate as this new tech would enable us to share our physical and virtual space through holographic telepresence opening a whole new experience.

These technologies are immersive and just like computers (smartphones, gadgets) we would come to adopt them in our everyday life as they provide more interactive digital experience put side by side our conventional Display screens, input methods and they offer a more cognitive and interactive experience which is why their adoption would be beneficial across industries and its surely going to revolutionize education the most by turning classrooms into more interactive spaces not to underplay how this technology would change industries but education would really find a new home in this technologies same with work as artist already confirm their love for this tech by adopting them at a very (virtual art) fast pace; Computer-aided designs (CAD) no longer needs to be viewed in 2D when they are designed in 3D and I know as a designer I’d prefer to see my work in 3D, the adoption of this technologies would speed up work process and deliver optimized high quality content, start thinking of how you can apply this technologies as they are the future.

The application for these technologies cuts across industries Gaming, Health care, Defense, Entertainment, Fashion, Education, even our shopping experience and is sure to open new ways of seeing the world and how we interact and understand it, the benefits of adopting this technology is boundless but a lot of security questions are being asked as these technologies would be able to track real time movements of its users how secure would they have to be to avoid raising privacy concern for it users.