Taking a break and a rest is not such a bad thing after all, we all need a break and a moment alone at any stage of our lives to be able to clear our minds and recover considerably from some bad experience or moment lived, in which we may feel overwhelmed, stressed, or out of place.

Stress is something daily and totally normal in the life of any human being, the reason why any person may be or feel stressed may have different reasons depending on each situation or context, varying from: bad experiences, traffic, loss of a loved one, debts, and so on.

When someone feels in an unfavorable situation, he/she, feels stressed and with many worries inside the head, when we get stressed, our pulse considerably increases, gets higher, and accelerates more and more, the respiratory rhythm increases repeatedly; the muscles also become tense.

If someone feels under too much stress or under too much pressure, this can have serious consequences that can harm the health and well-being of the person who is stressed or under an unhealthy/pressed environment.

Not all people can avoid their own levels of stress or levels of pressure they go through, but still, we can learn to manage stress in a better way by establishing different limits and self priorities to eventually feel better with ourselves.

Cause they’ve been swimming in the wrong waters. Now they’re pulling me down.
When we begin to identify the root of a stressful situation, we learn to lead a better and pressure-free life.

We should always feel confident and sure about any person who makes us feel in any way: safe or emotionally stable; it is always advisable to ask for help if needed, coming from any family member, any friend or anyone within a safe community where you feel safe to express yourself and your thoughts.

People can become relaxed depending on what they like to do, many of the most enjoyable activities are the ones that may make us feel relaxed, happy and emotionally stable; what every human being enjoys doing, such as:

  • Dancing
  • Traveling
  • Learning new languages
  • Expressing their happiness in some kind of art
  • Resting
  • Taking a vacation

We should focus only on what we have, what we have achieved, what we want to achieve and not focus on what we have not been able to do or achieve.

Another important point to deal with stress is to regularly exercise to maintain a good and healthy physical life; the human body can exercise in different friendly ways, walking, jogging or running, dancing or jumping.

Moderately, exercise is able to lift our spirits and also helps us to reduce stress considerably since it is considered that, exercise is very important to fight bad times and especially stress.

Whenever someone thinks obsessively about problems, they will attract more problems over time. 

When we exercise, the body is in constant movement and somewhat more "active", this absolutely helps to alleviate the problems and mental stress of each person.

People who exercise regularly are less likely to have anxiety or more difficult problems in their lives.

In order to combat stress, we must take into account different activities and things to do, taking into consideration that doing what we like such as: walking, dancing or spending time with someone special in our lives, will increase our happiness and this will prevent us from going through difficult or stressful experiences.

Activities such as:

  • Dancing
  • Jogging or walking

involve repetitive movements of different muscle groups in the body that can considerably relieve stress in the human body, also when we feel comfortable or happy next to someone special, we can laugh and feel very happy, this is good for our health and helps us to release stress.

Listening to music also comes to have relaxing effects on the human body; when we listen to pleasant or lovely music, music that touches our heart, we may feel that stress fades away. In response to listening to our favorite music, it reduces blood pressure and heart rate in the body, it has always been known that when we listen to music, this relieves stress in a huge way.

Full focus at a coffee shop
Even if we believe that stress can be uncontrollable, this is not true, there are many simple ways to reduce stress, music, exercise, deep breathing, etc.

Another effective and quite simple way to deal with stress is deep breathing as this technique has long been considered effective by soldiers or cadets in the armed forces of different countries to control high stress levels and activate the parasympathetic nervous system.

There are many different types of deep breathing exercises, including abdominal breathing, rhythmic breathing or diaphragmatic breathing.

When we breathe deeply, we focus all of our energies on our breath, making it deeper and slower, when breathing deeply through the nostrils, the lungs expand and the stomach increases in size.

In order to avoid stress, we should try to take life and difficult situations with extreme tranquility, especially when dealing with any kind of stress related to work, studies or our daily life, our own well being will always be more important than anything else and therefore, it should be PRIORITIZED first.