When a person falls in love with someone, he usually falls in love with his appearance, external beauty etc. But there are some people who fall in love not just with their looks or their physical beauty, but with their intelligence. In the language of science it is called ‘sapiosexual’. According to Urban Dictionary, sapiosexual literally means “One who finds intelligence the most sexually attractive feature”. Here, ‘intellect’ is a number one priority among other perspectives.

Unlike other people who may naturally like someone seeing his or her smartness, voice, color, face etc, a sapiosexual doesn’t deem with these but intelligence. The attraction is not always connected to sexuality, rather it often is. The origin of the word “Sapio” comes from the term “Sapiens” a latin word that means wise or judicious.

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Dr Diana Raab,PhD states brain is the largest sex organ. According to her statement, those who are sapiosexual are stimulated or challenged by the way another person thinks. [1] Sapiosexuals' feelings of love and sex revolve around the brain. The intelligence of the person becomes a much bigger priority to them than physical beauty or social position.

The deep thinking of the man, the curious attitude, the mentality of questioning, the conventional system attracts them tremendously. They gather material from psychological, political, philosophical discussions, and think that someone's sexual attraction is hidden not in the body, but in his talent.

Sapios don't tend to like anyone easily, it takes a lot of time. The question of liking him comes only after establishing intellectual connection with the man. As a result, when someone likes them, no doubt that it is quite serious.

All the relationships of sapiosexuals start with friendship, there is not even a speck of love. So when love begins in your mind beyond the platonic level, there is still doubt as to whether your friend is thinking the same way. As a result, you have doubts about what to say to your friend.

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Those who shout too much, show too much mood, or make a fool of themselves are the poison in the eyes of Sapio. People like sapio who can explain their feelings with logic, who don't lose their temper, who try to solve complex situations peacefully. Your intimacy with too many people is not common. The number of your love is also very low. Usually you prefer to be in your own small circle. So many in the neighborhood mistake you for being arrogant. There is no reason for you to be upset at all, just stick to your choices and ideas.

Note that : However, any kind of physical intimacy without a valid marriage is not okay. Whatever he is attracted to. So be cautious whatever you do.

Now what do you think? Are you one of them?

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