Venezuela And Its Current Survival Situation

In Venezuela, daily feeding is a problem that the Venezuelan people must face with a lot of pain in their hearts with the fear of not knowing what food they would have to eat the next day.

The calculations of Venezuelans who have left the country for a better quality of life are impressive due to the quality so poor living in Venezuela in which they do not have.

  • basic necessities
  • daily food
  • good jobs
  • good wages
  • good education

In general, in Venezuela Venezuelans are going through a totally extreme situation that rose consecutively as the most insecure country and with the worst reputation of the people starving and exclaiming that President Nicolás Maduro completely emerges from power.

It should be noted that the beautiful country Venezuela is one of the countries with one of the largest reserves found in oil in the world with more than 300 billion barrels.

The Venezuelan country also has enormous valid riches in coltan, phosphorite, bauxite, gold and iron minerals that make the country a mining power at the national and international economic level. But even so, poverty in this country is increasing every day more due to the poor management that develops day by day by dictator Nicolás Maduro.

Hunger and Economic Hyperinflation

Venezuela has reached a terrible and extreme situation of social and economic crisis due to bad years of bad decisions in the political government of this country that include the expropriation of many companies in the country, the freezing of the productive system in Venezuela and a complete chaos in the national currency devalued multiple times.

Venezuela is an oil country with complete exile and has an inflation that bequeaths 14,000% with extreme poverty close to 85%, many people in Venezuela have decided to take different directions with foreign aid and foreign money that provided at the time an aid to the enterprising Venezuelans in search of new futures and in search of jobs in other countries to return new directions and new ways of surviving and carrying out the situation that the country is facing at this time day by day where people starve, children, adults and the elderly due to the social collapse between society for getting food and trying to survive one more day.

The shortage of basic products and food in Venezuela is one of the most shocking factors that have affected the country and the Venezuelan economy in the decades past to the present day, and which has generated many criticisms and complaints to the Venezuelan government for having the people repressed and in constant dictatorship.

The situation encompasses different factors that make a life in Venezuela impossible to carry without factors or foreign aid necessary to survive and endure as much as possible by living in a country where many things have been lost over the years.

In the country economy there are basic products with regulated prices, foods such as:

  • milk
  • different types of meat
  • coffee
  • rice
  • chicken
  • oil
  • pre-cooked flour
  • butter
  • sugar

All of these products are essential products (dental paste, toilet paper and many other personal toilet products), medicines and supplements that are needed and required in many facilities that do not have the resources or basic medicines needed to treat many diseases and prevent many patients from dying day by day due to lack of medicines and lack of money to buy them in the same way.

In states that share a border with the Colombian country such as Tachira, the problem is much more serious due to the situation due to the problems of carrying goods with low prices, price control, from Venezuela to Colombia or from Colombia to Venezuela categorized as "Illegal Smuggling", many people take advantage of this situation to make use of illegal smuggling and other innocent people are remotely humiliated and their belongings or merchandise are wrongly confiscated if you do not have money to pay the guards or border managers.

Venezuela has had a history since 2005 where it faced an occasional type of shortage, then when the Central Bank of Venezuela reported a shortage of 24.7% of products in the country, the shortage increased considerably in the following years due to the bad organization, decisions and political ideologies that brought problems and misfortune to the country and the whole people.

Hyperinflation has different reasons because it exists and because the day-to-day prices of basic foods and things that are incomprehensible due to lack of money and because of a low minimum salary paid to each worker monthly continue to rise.

There are many children, adults and the elderly who resort to breaking garbage bags on the streets to try to get something to eat as hunger is totally unbearable throughout the country
Millions of Venezuelans have left the country in search of a better life, but it is not always easy to start from 0 in a country where you are discriminated against and humiliated because you are from Venezuela
Heartbreaking image of Venezuelan women detained at the border for not having "border card" which is the card that allows Venezuelans who do not have Colombian nationality to move to Colombia for a certain period of time

The increase in prices of basic items skyrocketed and were figures that none of the Venezuelans could buy due to a monthly payment that is not even equivalent to 2 US dollars.

As a result of a large increase in day-to-day prices, the impoverishment of many Venezuelans has been deepening and the village is in complete crisis and chaos due to the hunger that is passed day by day.

Woman protesting with a sign that says "There isn't food"
In Venezuela today, too many people are on the streets smashing garbage bags in search of calming hunger so intensely that a ruined country lives.
An increase in people dying in the country was notorious due to children and adults who ate unhealthy food that caused serious stomach damage causing their death
The Venezuelan people have to survive day by day going to dumps in hopes of finding some food in good condition
Woman protesting with a sign that says "We're starving"

At some point, sooner or later, Venezuela will have to improve for the better and the Venezuelan people crav that day with high hopes.

The Venezuelan government must fall because no one deserves to live in a country where food can not be obtained and paid at extremely expensive prices, only the people who work with the government are the only ones who have resources and good quality of life.

Venezuela needs prayer, hope, and above all strength to get ahead and never give up, for the love of getting ahead and our will to do so is that flame of fire that keeps us on emanating light of our own.

I hope you liked this informative post about the sad and heartbreaking crisis that Venezuela is currently going through.


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