Nikola Tesla is known as the inventor of the twentieth century, and he dreamed of finding free energy sources for everyone.

The man without whom we would not have enjoyed today the lighting of lamps or the tunes coming from television and radio. A top-class inventor, accomplished mechanical and electrical engineer, a physicist with a broad mind, and a major contributor to the design of the main AC system. (article continues below)

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He came to America in 1884, met the other genius, Thomas Edison, worked with him for a certain period in New York, then separated from him to start his own work in laboratories that track him. He succeeded in developing many electrical appliances and many patents.

So, who is Nikola Tesla?


Nikola Tesla was born on the sixth of July 1856 in Smiljan of the Austrian Empire at that time, which is known today as Croatia. He died in New York, America on January 7, 1943. Still, despite his death, he immortalized his name to this day. Let us read the biography of the American scientist from Serbian origins and how he wrote his name as one of the most important scholars of the twentieth century. [1]

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Tesla and the American joke[2]

At the beginning of his life, Tesla worked on inventing a new type of inverter motor as direct current at a time when motors were operating on the principle of a magnetic field rotation produced by alternating currents with multiple stages, which is the original model of an electric motor that works on alternating current, and indeed he succeeded in inventing that kind of engine...

In the year 1883, a year before he came to America, Tesla applied for a job with the Edison Company in its European branch, then persuaded him to move to America in 1884.


Tesla met with Edison, who was convinced of the idea of connected electricity in contrast to Tesla who was critical of generators present at the time, claiming that he could design generators that produce alternating current ...

And it happened that he presented his idea to Edison, who expressed his admiration for it, not only that, but he told him a catalyst: Start applying this idea, and if it succeeds, then I will give you fifty thousand dollars!

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Tesla agreed to the offer immediately, and he began to work with exaggerated diligence, as he worked 18 hours a day for seven days a week. After a year of hard work, he came to Edison happy to tell him about the success of his idea and his invention. Therefore he came to take the fifty thousand dollars as a gift on his arrival For his purpose. Unfortunately, Edison laughed at the time and said to him: “You do not yet understand the capitalist society and the sense of humor? In the world of commerce, finance and industry everyone steals everything, and I personally have stolen a lot, and I know how to steal well".

Tesla took nothing but a big disappointment, a slight increase in his monthly salary, and an invention that would immortalize his name in history, and of course, he got the most gullible joke ever!


Fate smiles to Tesla

The frustrated young man, Tesla, quit working for Edison, decided to grow his business, and established his own laboratory. It was not difficult for the intelligent, ambitious young man to fly again in the sky of glory, as he obtained patents for several innovations, most notably: multi-stage motors, generators, electrical transformers For alternating current systems.

And because destiny is fair to the hardworking man, Tesla got a million dollars instead of the fifty thousand promised by Edison, after he sold the rights to exploit the patent for the multi-stage motor to the American engineer George Westinghouse, who is credited with inventing the rotating steam engine before he turned twenty.

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War of currents[4]

As a result of the defense of each of the inventors for his innovation and the diligence of each of them to show his superiority, Tesla entered into a direct confrontation with Edison, who was trying to convince people of the competence and effectiveness of direct current, while Tesla was explaining the points of superiority of his new current, which he called alternating current.


The war that was known throughout history as the war of currents ended with the victory of Tesla, who succeeded in making alternating current accepted and adopted as an electric power system in the world.

Tesla never stops being creative

As a culmination of AC success, Tesla, in cooperation with George Westinghouse, built the Niagara Falls hydraulic power generator, lit the Chicago Expo, and built alternating current systems in the Colorado silver mines.

He did not stop at this only, but he was able at the end of the nineteenth century and the beginning of the twentieth century to employ alternating current in the best way, as he was able to invent the radio, high-frequency lighting, x-rays, and electrolyte treatments, and all these inventions were working through Alternating current and high-frequency current.

All this contributed to Tesla's arrival into the world of the month with a force that surpassed Edison's fame and made Tesla a difficult figure in the world of competition.

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Tesla knows no despair

The burning of his laboratory in Manhattan did not hinder him from continuing his work. Still, he moved his laboratory to Colorado and continued his innovations. He invented a huge amplified transmitter, conducted experiments in wireless electric power, the radio and earth resonance, and made industrial lightning after studies in his field.


He returned to New York, and there he worked on developing a global system for broadcasting using amplified transmitters. He built a huge tower to strengthen the transmission to be the first station in the new global electrical system, but the material support suddenly stopped and the whole project collapsed.

The number of his inventions reached seven hundred inventions worldwide, and he is a scientist. He predicted the invention of microwaves, ray beam technologies, television and cosmic ray motors, interplanetary communications, and wave interference tools.

He also contributed to the advancement of the robotics industry, remote control, radar, ballistic expansion, nuclear physics, and theoretical physics. In 1943, the US Supreme Court confirmed that he was the inventor of the radio.[3]

Nobel prize

In the year 1916, the Swedish Academy of Sciences withheld the Nobel Prize from Tesla, after it had decided to award the prize equally between Tesla and Edison, but both of them refused, which prompted her to withhold the award from both of them, as we said.

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Tesla and the Black End

After that, the media closed their doors in his face, except for the press conferences that were taking place on his birthday, and his last press presence was in 1940 so that the great scientist and the brilliant and oppressed inventor lived in an atmosphere of depression and frustration, and this is evident in his saying: “The world of power is governed with the dynamism of the forest, crows and hyenas are waiting for someone who brings the prey, so they do not tire themselves much, do not expend energy, and do not waste time in chasing the prey. However, they are present and benefit from the fatigue of others, so this is how life is in part of it."


He died in poverty at the age of 87 in a hotel room in New York due to a heart attack. His papers, including copies of laboratory notes, were seized by the United States of America for transport to the Tesla Museum in Belgrade, Yugoslavia, and the museum did not publish these notes Only an excerpt entitled "Notes of Colorado Springs."

But despite this tragic end of the life of this creator, we can convey to you the state he lived through during a life full of inventions, as he says:

"I do not think that there is any feeling in the human heart that can match the feeling of the inventor after his ideas are successfully transformed into reality. These feelings forget food, sleep, friends, love, and everything."[5]

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