A day in the hearts of many Nigerians that will never be forgotten:

But first R.I.P. to those that lost their souls to police brutality and to bad Governance…

Indeed we have a History that Nigeria got independence in October 1st 1960 but the youth asked for revolution in 2020

2020 a year so wonderful but hurtful, a year where parents were made to bury their children instead of the other way round beginning from Covid-19 which caused the entire world to be on lockdown making us realise how important it is to want to live.

Police brutality has been a case in Nigeria since I was born into this world and country and it became even worse in the year 2020, a year we Nigerians will never forget in a hurry…..A year where innocent souls were wasted due to police brutality causing anger and hurt among the citizens even the ones that have not been affected……

With so much grievances youth decided to protest against it in one voice and in a peaceful protest asking for a "new" and "better" NIGERIA.. Ready to loose their lives fighting for a revolution and human rights be restored……

A year politicians turned youths against youths causing a blood bath in the country and all of these began from the month on MARCH 30,2020 to the month of OCTOBER most especially 20th of October 2020…..which will forever linger in our hearts and minds….

*  *  *  *

Yes COVID-19 caused hunger in the country as the whole world was on a compulsory lockdown due to the virus but the NIGERIAN GOVERNMENT used this opportunity to loot money from the citizens….. But as days went by and weeks, the lockdown was lifted but with precautions and businesses started going back to almost normal as some businesses were still on lockdown….

Then came the months of June and July where the SARS and POLICE officials decided to make the extortion of money from youths worse and tagging it a cyber crime and arresting or shooting in sight any one who desist them….. Them to them harassing youths both male and female by the roadside if one youth looked to dressed or carries a laptop bag, is in position of an iPhone and also go as far as raping girls…. And above all if you as a youth is driving a nice car, you are being asked to pull over and then you'll be asked questions like "where do you work, what's the nature of your job, how much is your salary" and the list keeps going. Then, they end up asking you to pay them to let you go or they take you to prison where you will be asked to to pay a fat sum of money to bail yourself.

Just in the month of July, a lady who was a professor and a lecturer lost her life and that of a young boy who was just hawking by the roadside all because the bus driver had refused to give him their usual bribe saying he does not have money . And in a bid to drive off he ( the bus driver) hit the boy who was hawking bottle water while the police fired their gun at him but it got the lady lecturer inside the driver's bus and she was supposed to be heading home….. Out of annoyance the youths around who saw what happened gathered the police men and two managed to escape while one of them was beaten up mercilessly by the youths that were there at that moment the incident happened…

Few days after the harassment from SARS and POLICE officials became worse as it affected youths badly because you can no longer go out on peace without being harassed by these officials……

As that was not enough the president Alhaji Mohammed Buhari decided to sign in a law stating that police/SARS officials were allowed to search any civilians phone be it make or female even going into their houses to search without a warrant and anyone who desist be captured and tagged a criminal and be brought to face justice but if he fights back should be shoot on sight as a criminal……..

This was where I began to wonder if I'm truly a NIGERIAN cause it's no longer safe anymore...you can't be in your house in peace without the ones meant to protect us coming inside to start harassing all in the name of they are doing well their job ….. These did not only cause more havoc but also coat lost souls to their brutality as the NIGERIAN Police officials and SARS officials never disappoint by taking such laws into their hands as they've had full support from the GCFR the PRESIDENT of NIGERIA

And in my own opinion you can't seem to arrest just anyone all in the name of fighting against cyber crime, and why is it called cyber crime…..this can be done in the comfort of their offices and homes...by just tracing their accounts and BVN numbers because they definitely get payed and then when that is done you call them up for questioning.

*  *  *  *

The youths after having to endure for so long, decided to come in one voice to do a peaceful protest so as the government can know that they mean no harm but all they need is a new NIGERIA where human rights are being restored and employments are being made available for the youths and more so curb police brutality by arresting those that are guilty for this crimes and the killings of innocent civilians….but the president came to say it has been reformed. But this was not satisfying as the so called officials were still carrying out their barbaric acts on innocent civilians …

After so much promises, the youths continued saying they do not need a reform but a total new police administration and above all to make the people guilty face justice and to also create job opportunities and many more…..In no bid of attaining to this demands made by the NIGERIAN youths, they decided to pay thugs/hoodlums to disrupt the peaceful protest by making them shoot at peaceful protesters and causing havoc.. with all of these protesters still went ahead with their protest and this time in the various states like "Lagos state, Edo state, Abuja the FCT, and other states that were involved the army was set our to shoot at innocent and peaceful protesters.

On the 20/10/2020 at Lagos toll gate, they first of all removed all the CCTV cameras and then turned off the light and sent the military coup to shoot at peaceful protesters.. these went on for hours, even while the protesters were singing the national anthem. Some of them holding the and waving the NIGERIAN Flag and yet they were still shot at….. they said date was a blood bath in the country as 128 total number of deaths were recorded while some others were trying to flee for safety and the so called president never said a word not to talk of addressing the country….even the Governors and the politicians kept mute to this….

On this day the white on the NIGERIAN Flag turned red because of the unending killings by the hooligans, the police force and the soldiers…..

But we the youth will never give up until we get what we fought for and what most of us dies for

...we stood against bad Governance for the first time for so many years that even our parents were too scared to fight for nor to die for...and until revolution happens in NIGERIA the white colour on the NIGERIAN FLAG will be the colour RED until a NEW NIGERIA IS BORN…..until then