October 19th 2020, has been another one big day for Indonesian Leader, President Joko Widodo. "A road section in the City of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, inaugurated as President Joko Widodo Street by Sheikh Khalid bin Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Executive Office.  This inaugurated street dividing Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center and Embassy Area that is occupied by Diplomatic Representative Offices, is using my name" captioned by Joko Widodo on his official social media accounts.

Joko Widodo continued "this is surely a form of appreciation and honor. Not solely for my personal, but for Indonesia. A picture of how close the relationship between two countries that are now working together in various fields. Behind the street's naming, saved a hope that the relations between both countries become stronger, encouraging each other and beneficial to the people of United Arab Emirates and Indonesia".

There are another six Indonesian whom their names honored as a road name abroad; Soekarno (Indonesia’s 1st President) in Maroko, Mohammad Hattta (Indonesia’s 1st Vice President), R A Kartini (Female National Hero), Sutan Sjharir (Indonesia’s 1st Prime Minister), Pattimura - Thomas Matulessy (National Hero) and Munir Said Thalib (Human Rights Activist) in The Netherlands.

However, being chosen to use his name as an official street name is not the reason for naming Jokowi - the president’s well known nickname - as people’s leader. Back inside the country of Indonesia itself, Jokowi faces continuous waves of attack from his opponents who try in every possible and impossible ways to force him down from the position as Indonesian leader. For instance, just within hours after the official announcement of the inauguration, a hoax spread massively by a group asking their followers to disbelieve the information, even trying to alter the pictures to change Jokowi’s name to someone else.

Jokowi earned the honor as People’s Leader through the journey of many years, he has passed during his political years. Starting his career as a city mayor, he was respected by his allies and opponents, admired by the people. All because of his effort and work which resulted in the city’s improvement. Years later he was elected as the governor of Indonesia’s capital: Jakarta. More people started noticing his works and acts. More admirers and surely, here comes the haters or in political view, the political opponents. During his tenure as Governor, he smashed, remodeled and minimized bureaucracies in various fields for public services. In one way, his policies improved the service qualities which increased public trusts and satisfaction, but in the other way the policies cut down some corruption sources for, of course, the corruptor. Surely, this act of kindness and bravery he showed to fight against corruption put a flame under those shady business owners and his political opponents.

Before he finished his tenure as Governor, Jokowi came forward and was nominated for the Presidential Election. He was voted and elected as Indonesia’s 7th President in 2014. Since then his track record has been enriched with infrastructure development, bureaucracy improvements, and especially when he managed to take back one big gold mining company in eastern part of Indonesia by holding the most shareholders and urged the previous boss to hand over the ownership and management to Indonesian government. Jokowi also managed to cut the monopoly of business owners dictatorship and make sure the prices for few main product are the same across Indonesia, the first time in more than 30 years, especially for the people who lives in Eastern part of Indonesia, where necessity goods were  sold at much higher prices than any other part or cities in  Indonesia, for example; gasoline, rice, cement, etc. Not only that, as for infrastructure developments, Jokowi made sure that each of the outer parts of Indonesia have proper and sustainable highways, main roads and electricity.

While some people are thankful and support his works, he has quite a large number of shady enemies. Some efforts have been made to try to get him down from the position. Hoax spread, false accusations and riots with violence with expected ending; to force Jokowi hand over the position and go for good. But Jokowi is the man of steel gut. Soft at heart, calm at speaking and silent in acts. The way he handled the mistreatment of him was always unexpected. No rush and hush. No yelling, neither pointing finger, yet the enemies fall down one by one, trapped in their own trap. A gesture of a true leader with great leadership skills.

Joko Widodo, People’s Leader.