Leonardo da Vinci he was an encyclopedia belonging to the Renaissance where he was a painter, engineer, botanist, cartographer, geologist, musician, sculptor, architect and famous Italian scientist. And because he was a genius man with a global talent in the Renaissance, he embodied the spirit of his era in its entirety, which led to the discovery of the largest models of expression in various fields of art and knowledge. One of humanity's greatest geniuses is perhaps his genius that distinguished him more than any other figure, which was the ideal human incarnation of the Renaissance. Leonardo has often been described as a symbol of the Renaissance man, a man with wild curiosity and a feverish creative imagination.

Leonardo Da Vinci
" Many experts believe he was the most innovative person in history "

Da Vinci's unique style of doing things, as well as his innovative designs, made him a world famous for creativity. Da Vinci left very famous works of art and painting, the most important and well-known which are paintings from the last dinner, and the Mona Lisa

The Last Supper

The genius of Leonardo Da Vinci was the ideal embodiment of the Renaissance, and this is exactly what his paintings and his entire works reflected. Besides being the owner of the most famous Mona Lisa in the world, Da Vinci was a genius who embodied the spirit of his era very excelled in mathematics and worked in sculpture and design in all his contemporaries. Exotic inventions, he studied anatomy and botany and was distinguished by architecture.

Vitruvian man 

His belief in his genius made him write his thoughts with a special code from right to left and with letters different from their original form so that no one could steal his ideas

" The hidden script excelled and means: to hide an encrypted message in something in plain sight of everyone "


Perhaps the most prominent painting that contributed to Da Vinci's fame throughout the ages was the Mona Lisa's undisputed painting . Some believe that she was Da Vinci's mother and there is a controversial possibility that the heroine was not a girl of origin but rather a trainee who was with Da Vinci dressed in female clothes and some believe that she was Da Vinci himself.

The secret behind the Mona Lisa is that the soul is in it. Some psychologists believe that if we see the painting when we are sad, then it may seem sad, and if we see it and we are happy, we may see it happy. So we really consider it one of the most amazing and best artworks ever.

Mona Lisa 
"The extent of the importance of imagination to effect the effect is as much as the importance of the shadow to the darkened body that formed this shadow, and the ratio is similar between poetry and drawing. Because poetry results in the imagination of the reader, and the painting results are as a fact embodied in front of the eye, so that the eye receives its images as if they were from The making of nature. As for hair - unlike painting - its results are formed without the aid of images, and its results do not pass to the mind through the visual path. "

Some issues discussed by Da Vinci:

1-Study of geology

2-Study on the anatomy of the human body, skeleton and internal organs

3-Study of animal anatomy

4-Learn the expressions of the human face

5-Climate and weather phenomena

6-How does the water flow

7-Study of plants and their structure

8-Learn about light, shadow, mirrors and lenses

the anatomy of the human body

Da Vinci's passion for flying

Leonardo Da Vinci's interests were not confined to the arts alone, but he devoted a significant part of his life to scientific research. Da Vinci believed that man is able to fly and therefore he insisted on studying the matter and designing machine models that enable a person to fly like birds that were his inspiration in his designs. Da Vinci drew illustrations For the structure of the helicopter in the late fifteenth century, it was called Helical Air Screw, and it is worth noting that the aircraft these days are very similar to the old Da Vinci drawings.

Leonardo da Vinci painted a plane he quoted from the bat's wing

Some da Vinci inventions

As mentioned earlier, in addition to the field of art, Leonardo da Vinci was also proficient in engineering. To date, thousands of pages have been found from his writings on his views on various issues.

It is interesting to note that before the appearance of the helicopter, the steam engine, and many of the devices we use today, Da Vinci drew original designs from them.

“The artistic painting of the mind embodies the characteristics of nature’s works more reliably and accurately than oral discourse or writing. But messages - unlike the painting - express words more reliably. But we say that the sciences that embody nature’s works are more magnificent than the sciences embodying industrial works, In other words, human-created works that consist of words - such as poetry - that originate in the human tongue"

Da Vinci invented the wind speed meter, adding several modifications to the animeter, which made speed measurement easier.

He also laid out many designs that reflect his pre-modern genius and imagination.

Also designed an armored tank that contains a group of light cannons arranged on a circular platform that allows 360 ° movement, and on top of this platform a large turtle-like hood with metal plates added to achieve better protection.

Armored tank

He designed a car with a motor that enables it to move on its own, and he was the first in that, as he designed it before the idea of ​​a motor car came to anyone's mind before him.

He also designed the water clock by collecting water and then dotting it in another container and when it is full, the water affects a group of cranes whose job is to raise the feet of the sleeper to wake up.

He also developed various layouts for heavy duty excavators and heavy weights lifters.

Since the fifteenth century we are still amazed and admired the designs of this great artist who uses his relics and sciences that they are in our world until now.

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