Super Company will be funding the defense of Lambrechts, LLC vs @Azircon, @hivewatachers in a maligning case which will prove that @Azircon has willfully maligned Lambrechts, LLC on the Hive Platform without Merit.

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Bollea v. Gawker
Has some case standing in regards to this. There are also proven case law in @azircon and @hivewatchers jurisdiction.

@guiltyparties is one partner in Hivewatchers.
Unknown who other parties are.

The law does APPLY to decentralized social media, you are not free to do ANY action you wish. There are boundaries and natural law. There are laws against Defamation and Maligning without merit in American, Canadian, and European Law.

This is John Lambrechts' Lawyer. We will be sticking up for all that have been maligned by Hivewatchers, Azircon, Acidyo, or anyone on this platform without merit.

Deposition by our Author Emmanuel

Please contact if you have a @hivewatchers complaint.