They say that the stomach is the home of disease and the home of medicine, and it is a sentence used to urge concern when eating food in terms of quality, not all foods are suitable for eating, some of them may be fatal in the long run, and others may lead to sudden death in concentrated form or high doses.


Some dishes are known to be dangerous, such as puffed fish and wild mushrooms. But you may be surprised when you realize how many foods you consume periodically that contain extremely toxic elements, or they may become dangerous if prepared poorly , here are some of them:

Fruit seeds:

Fruit seeds, small yes, but they can be fatal, how? according to the American "Nutrition Explained" website, these seeds, on top of which are apple, apricot, cherry and peach seeds, contain a type of hydrogen cyanide called procyclic acid. you will now say that you do not eat this part of the fruit?

Well, let me tell you that a group of assassination plotters tried to kill someone by feeding him ground apple seeds, but they were not successful because the dose they gave him was less than a cup full of it.[1]



You may have heard before that it is considered in some countries as a type of drug and its circulation is forbidden, as nutmeg causes hallucinations in addition to eating only 0.2 ounce (an ounce equals 28 grams) of nutmeg can cause convulsions, and eating 0.3 ounce may lead to seizures. . All of these doses have the potential to be fatal. An overdose of it causes "nutmeg psychosis" that affects people with a sense of thirst and nears the end.



If you have watched the Arabic network cartoon, you might have heard the phrase: “The potato is boring and depressing,” but it is not only that, but it is also fatal, because the glycoalkaloids in the leaves, stems and buds of potatoes can cause headache, cramps, diarrhea, or even enter a coma and death!

An amount ranging from 3 to 6 mg of it per kilogram of body weight can be fatal, so avoid green potatoes when buying.



But i am referring to unpasteurized honey or raw honey, as it may contain a type of grayanotoxin toxins. and this happens-according to the same website- when bees pollinate plants that contain these toxins, pasteurization reduces gray toxin levels to a safe range.

It is good to mention that just one tablespoon of these concentrated toxins can cause dizziness, weakness, sweating and vomiting for more than 24 hours. More than that can cause death in those with low immunity.[2]



Its stems and leaves contain alkaline toxins, and a ton of tomato leaves causes death, while small amounts can cause serious stomach upset.



If you eat a lot of tuna then let me tell you that you may be carrying some mercury inside your body, because tuna fish tend to absorb it, and the mercury can cause serious damage to the kidneys, or reach the brain and cause signs of insanity. And when mercury builds up in the body, it can cause all kinds of illnesses, including fatal ones...fear not, as one or two meals will not do you much harm.[3]



A root that must be cooked properly to be healthy, and if eaten raw you can receive a lethal dose of hydrogen cyanide. To make it safe, you should peel it, bake or roast it until it is well cooked, with the necessity to throw out the cooking water immediately after that.

There are two types of cassava: bitter and sweet, but bitter cassava is 50 times more dangerous before cooking, so sweet cassava is preferred.


Raw cashew nuts

These nuts contain urushiol, a chemical found in poison ivy that can cause a deadly allergic reaction in some people, but the cashews on the market are not really raw, they were steamed to remove the toxic urushiol from it and make it edible without any worries.


Finally , food has found on this planet to enjoy it, not to prevent ourselves from it, and they said that a healthy mind is in a healthy body and they also said that  an apple a day keeps the doctor away, so if you are a vegetarian or an animal, this is not important, what really matters is that you know how to eat your food. all food becomes deadly if you eat it the wrong way, and it becomes a remedy if you eat it right. That's all we have, delicious food and a happy life.


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