The fact that humans can control their environment in endless ways is quite amazing. The fact that humans do control their environment to variable degrees of positivity is debated almost endlessly and the basis for all conversation.

Girls achieve a love state of euphoria when they find a man who is achieving dreams of which are shared by both.

Girls can create Utopia in the world by positive action and mating with positive individuals. Furthermore, once agreed to Marry and create a Child... the girl and boy can create an atmosphere of respect, love and healthy breasts when eating the best food the husband generously offers as soon as he 'brings home the bacon'.

When you are a negative person you have an uncoherent vibration towards the opposite sex. This creates a sense of complete destruction, incoherence in thought for not only yourself but others, and loss of your whole sense of being whole.

When you are a positive person you do a smooth job when thinking, good actions result, and a healthy family results who is able to extend the wealth to the next generation of etc...

I view a world in which positive men and women create families through healthy or unlethal positive competition.

Positivity among Earth heals, and the balance between the Human Male and Female genders, is eroding even among religious families.

It is not a sin to have negative thoughts about homosexuality or negative people. It is actually positive to take action against sinners up to a threshold.

Expressing it soundly is difficult in our era of UK, NSA, and Chinese Internet where when one discusses this they are immediately banned or silenced. More like, More Fear Act. It makes discriminating illegal if the victim proves that they were discriminated due to their religion, etc. The authorities are even forcing non-discrimination for transgenders and homosexuals in the workplace. I personally don't appreciate that and I will not be hiring homosexuals and transgenders, in America.

I'm thankful to Digital Ocean for renting Data Centers and owning data centers in the United States of America which has the Freedom of Speech and so does the world under the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, article 19.

Markets are positive, individual actors on the market can be negative. and we have quite the separation of labor on Earth. I thoroughly believe it would be a bump in the road to adapt the Earth economy to the Space Economy.

On Earth the balance and dreams among young and old are being obfuscated due the horrible media initial seed funded with Banker money and now raking in Billions if not Trillions coming from Hollywood, Netflix, UniversalNBComcast since the Sabotage of the Banking system in 1913 and radio.

More recently, internet porn saturating the Earth both male and female eyeballs getting off alike is obfuscating positive action and dreaming among all generations.

It is a small world, and there only a small group of Humans who Control Things. Are you controlling things positively?

Don't let things control you. You control your destiny. You have been made aware. :)

Have a great day!