Let's break the ice about all our hive stories.

We are starting with how we started our website to be easier for you to understand all about our Hive journey. John and I started running the Utopia Educators website in late March by recruiting some enthusiastic guys. And he is the only founder of this website till now. UtEd is not like other sites out there. A completely different medium, where people learn and teach education that is applied in a real sense, accurate, and unbiased way. John has been doing this research for many years to build something constructive for the world, he has been acquainted with the tech world for many years, and has come up with many positive ideas due to his habit of reading many books.

He started thinking for the benefit of others, for the world's help, in the service of others, which is not limited to any boundaries, and he started his journey with this website as his starting point. His primary goal was to bring out some young, enterprising people from all over the world and provide them with a platform where they could share all their intelligence, thoughts, and ideas, which may not have been possible for them before; moreover, skill development, language, providing facilities for various things including education, social upliftment work, etc.

And for all these purposes, at the beginning of the Covid pandemic, when the various countries began to announce one lockdown after another, John chose the time to communicate with members to make a website. He thought that since most people are spending their time mainly at home during the Covid pandemic and typically invest their huge time online, it might be a good time to start this journey by inviting some people from all over the world. Note that John has been providing financial support as a payment to all the authors or people involved in the website's fields from the very beginning. Each article comes with a price for everything they contribute, including writing, editing, gfx designing etc. So far no revenue has been taken from the website. I was introduced to John from one of Discord's English servers, and later, he informed me about all his plans and invited me. Then John and I started recruiting a lot of people from different countries to start up the website. That was all about the beginning of the UtEd.You can visit this link for more details about the goals of John and Utopia. (https://youtu.be/rPwWg6H8wog).

Now let me tell you about our Hive blog journey. [Note: Hive and Hive blog are completely different things, but in the whole discussion, whenever I use “Hive” I mean Hive.blog; Hive is actually a crypto currency]. So what is Hive and how does it work?

If you don't know about this, take a look at the link provided into the word. Since we've already run a great educational website and started getting a lot of responses from the audience, we started looking for another platform where our website's contents can be shared, and our content may reach more people. Besides, our Authors can earn money through his/her writing from other places. John has selected hive.blog ( https://hive.blog/) for that as it is a fully decentralized blog site and has an excellent potential to be the best for the future regarding writing with good income opportunities. Next, John informed us one by one about the various aspects of Hive. We, later on, built a community called Utopia Educators (currently shifted to utopian) on Hive.  After that, we started uploading one or two contents every day that have already been written on our website UtEd. Within a few days, we started getting an outstanding response, support, followers, and rewards at a good rate. In a very short period, we gained a lot of reputation on Hive. UtEd members also started writing very good blogs on Hive. Everything started to go well.

But, being new to the Hive along the way, we had to face some problems. Which we later did not realize that would have such a negative impact on our community. We found out about the humiliation and abuse by some powerful community developers, some old users, and Hive watcher helpers. It was really a sorrowful matter that they flagged us as a plagiarizer and blacklisted us on the Hive. Today, we'll break the ice of their allegations. Their main allegations against Utopia and John were as follows:

1) Bot User
2) Plagiarizer
3) Exploiter

Bot User :

There was a reason behind saying something at the beginning of this blog to understand upcoming things better now on. We joined Hive about 3-4 months after running the website. And during this time, about 300+ of our articles were already published on the website. Above all, as you know from the discussion when we started publishing 1-2 articles daily after coming to Hive, we started getting positive feedback and rewards at a very good rate. Then, since we already have 300+ articles/blogs published on the website, John thought that we should share them on Hive quickly as we had been getting very good responses from our website (Utopia Educators). Accordingly, my friend Awlad and I started publishing on Hive contents from our website as John told us to share all of our contents on Hive in a very quick time.

It took a few days and nights to share the contents of our website at once. You know, the moment you post content on hive, you can't post the next content promptly. They have a bot system enabled, which takes about 5-10 minutes to upload another content after posting one. And that's a good and reasonable thing. Since we already had a lot of content in our hands, we started posting one content after another according to that time, the hive blog has fixed. But, a few days later, the hive watcher helper (discord id: Hivewatchers-Helper#5419) noticed and thought how we created and posted so much content so quickly. It's fine as he didn't know about our website. But, the sad things started when he blacklisted our community without any conversations with us.

Next, we communicated with them via Discord Server as to why they blacklisted us. We didn't realize that hive watchers might treat us like hell if we upload the content quickly on the hive. We have had all the evidence that we have posted these ourselves, and nothing illegal has been used. If you want, we can show you all the evidence because we have all the browser history saved. However, they were not interested in verifying/seeing any evidence, even after repeatedly asking them to take the evidence. They just kept insulting John, saying nothing reasonable. They didn't want to see the evidence; they didn't want to hear all about our website; they didn't want to accept it or consider it.

However, the funny thing is that it was an unreasonable matter to make such comments as you must have to maintain time to post one after the other on the hive. After we asked them to prove however they want and our browsing history, they did not express any wish except insulting founder John and us. Point to be noted, for all these negative markings of hive watchers, some other reputational communities also started to misunderstand us. Bdcommunity was one of them badly. At the very least, they should give us the opportunities to have all explanations and listen to detailed information with consideration. They didn't do that without just barking at us.


Hive watcher helper and some community members have addressed us as we are Plagiarizer. Our content and website are full of plagiarized content. Why did they raise such allegations? I am putting the reasons behind it so that you can consider it well with a healthy brain. Alright, then let's say we posted about 300 plus contents on hive.blog. Only a very small portion, or roughly a portion, of the two posts, were captured as plagiarized, and the amount that was captured was copied from one of the Facebook contents. Think about it; just about two contents, even with just a few paras, were captured as plagiarized according to hive out of about 300 plus contents. Imagine? Only 2 posts simply copied from facebook out of 300 plus pure contents. And they were telling us, plagiarizers. Isn't that funny? What do you think? Most of our authors are from school, college, university, and the first time they have been writing. And it was so much a simple matter to consider looking at us in the broader area, not just by a few words that were mistakenly done. And we apologized for it several times. But they didn't listen to us. It was kind of behavior like someone's evaluating your whole character, just seeing a mistake from you. That is complete BS.

John and I have been saying from the very beginning to stay away from all kinds of plagiarizing. We have always been motivating them to write original content. After all, we have got only two posts as plagiarized out of 300 plus contents, and those two posts containing only a few text copies from Facebook were very normal to be plugged in. Because there are many types of authors from several countries. The shit thing is, even if an author has done so, why would the founder be penalized for that? The founder has always been telling everyone not to plagiarize. But, as a result, John had to admit a lot of insults.If plagiarizing only 2 posts out of 300+ content means that the whole community or website is full of plagiarizing? How could that be? We have got no answer again. So, why are you insulting and humiliating us without any reasonable answer?


These behaviors with us were more like a personal attack. They were just gossiping without any logical argument or proof. Hivewatcher's helper and some of the guys addressed John as an exploiter. But why? There is no answer again. Probably, just because of those two points mentioned above. There may be other things, such as John utopia's business model (one of them is, Authors will get 75% of their articles as reward beneficiaries.) Actually John delegated us all the HP; later on he gave all the beneficiary to the individual author 100% for whatever they wrote on hive) and Utopia's future plans are shared on Hive, the blog, and in some celebrity communities. His goals and business model were very positive, useful for the author, and development for the hive system. After knowing his good goals, perhaps some peeps had gone through the crazy condition, and they personally transformed into haters. And, the arrogant attitude of them turned out to be various irrational allegations.

Since then, I, John, and some of our authors have expressed interest in talking to them many times about the two reasons why they misunderstood us, but they have not responded. I personally wanted time to talk to them about this and to answer their points, but they did not give that time. Whenever I tell them, can you give me a little time to talk about these things? They just end up saying John is an exploiter. Some people told me it's better if you let him go; he's cheating on you. Then, when I encountered them, asking what the reason is? No answer. In fact, it seems to me they felt jealous of John; that shit turned out to be against his good deeds finally.

These were the main reasons behind the official withdrawal of Utopia from Hive. However, John is still telling everyone that hive.blog is a great platform for sharing anything by blogging. Everyone can participate individually if they want. But, Utopia and John personally won't be responsible for individual acts. He inspired us to stay there because it's not like the rest of the media full of censorship. It is a decentralized platform and has a lot of potential as it is very effective to be known to everyone in the future. We are still posting some content on Hive.blog. Hopefully, soon they will realize their mistake they have made against us and remove the Flag or Blacklist mark. We hope to get back to our reputational position soon on the hive.

We are leaving a question for our audiences, weren't their attitudes some sort of CENSORSHIP in the decentralized system? What do you think? Don't forget to let us know.