Ok, where to begin? What an adventure!

I've had quite the experience integrating our website into the Hive blockchain. See previous posts, it has become quite a hobby:

The Next Social Network: Hive Blockchain
Some tips I have for new users: * don’t post too quickly, even to your own blog* post your whole article in the Hive post* link your sources at the beginning of the article
Utopia Educators Hive
I will delegate you Currency to interact on the Hive Blockchain if you sign up with the link above. All that’s required is an SMS confirmation to prevent against spam.
Hive Social Network Update
I trust Hiver’s to build a perfect system and expand the Hive ecosystem. We are not leaving Hive due to one user and his teams’ actions. I don’t know why @azircon is attacking our young team with his developer from BDCommunity.

I didn't keep up with Steem for some reason and only made an account on Steem this year in March (@johnlambrechts).

My steem account was funded with about $0.15 and left alone. Then I learned about the Hive fork which got me excited to invest in a decentralized team with better ambitions than Justin Sun:

Sun enlisted the help of crypto exchanges Binance, Huobi, and Poloniex, to take back control over the network. The exchanges are some of the richest (and most powerful) members on the network, since they can use their customers’ funds to vote on the network. With their help, Sun managed to unlock his money.

Unsurprisingly, the Steemit community didn't like Sun’s decision to take over the network. They convinced Binance and Huobi to stop supporting Sun’s takeover.

Since then, both Steemit’s community and Sun have been using their money to wrestle control over the network.

Source: decrypt.co

Taking part in the Ethereum boom and exiting to invest Hive so quick was a mistake in investment terms so far, I don't foresee it to be a long term negative however. My goal was to be be a strong force in the publishing and curating space so I transferred about 13 Ethereum to HIVE so I at least had little bit of curating and stakeholder influence.

After joining Hive I thought it would be acceptable to post to our own blog, apparently not. We were hated on and defamated by certain users, you can read about that in the posts above.

We preserved as a team and I defended all my author's across the whole internet after these attacks. I noticed the Hive community is mostly positive, so I stuck around.

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win”

After the nonsense from Hivewatcher's and the 'informants' who spread messages saying that I am an exploiter, I decided to just ignore them and focus on the positive members of Hive and try to aid in developing my own Condenser interface.

I learned you should never post every 5-7 minutes to your own blog. I am still waiting to hear back from @guiltyparties. As of right now @utopiaeducators is permanently blacklisted and we are only allowed to Reblog and Curate from that account due to 2 mistakes out of 380+ posts.

This is the last time for this drama. Even though... it is pure bullshit and makes for a good story, here's proof of violent threats from a Large Stakeholder:

When our team is happy, I am happy, I will never care about another person's thoughts again after this experience. You can only lead by example. You can't change a person's bullshit opinions. I am 30 years old and this is how my first project gets treated on this chain.  Oh well...

Only action will overcome hatred. I am always going to NEVER think about those that wish me harm. It does no good, and actually gives them subconscious satisfaction. This is the last time about this.

Enough Hive Drama! How to Succeed

My daily life when I'm not occupied by DevOps, gardening, and taking care of Mario, is spent managing UtopiaEducators.com and teaching people Hive.

We have earned a coveted referrer badge on Peakd.com, We have referred 13 Accounts in a month. More that didn't even use HiveOnboard.com. We are starting our own community on Hive called Utopian.

The best way to build reputation is by proving yourself as an original thinker and supporter of multiple communities.

You can start by introducing yourself to the Hive on tag #introduceyourself .

I recommend reading these posts from @pitboy to tailor your posts so they get viewed and respected by the Curation teams.

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Also you can read Naim's posts on UtopiaEducators.com as he is one of the best at formatting and content writing so far. Naim is the interim CEO of UtopiaEducators.com and is based in Bangladesh.

You can also view Naim's Hive Blog for a good example of how to interact on Hive.

My favorite Hiver's so far are @nathanmars, @fulltimegeek , @guiltyparties, and @cyprianj who came out and helped me and our project and community from the beginning.

Rock on, thank you Hive and UtEd readers!

Credit : hive
[ This content also posted on Hive. HERE ]