The next social network is already successful with 3 interfaces.




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It operates completely decentralized with users holding Hive. They can promote posts by up voting with micropayments ($HIVE). Users get to decide what content gets promoted, not Facebook, Twitter, or China/Google.

You can follow accounts for free and get great content to read.

Also you can build on top of Hive like Peakd has done which provides solutions like promoting your post on a tag on their interface, etc.

Some tips I have for new users:

  • don't post too quickly, even to your own blog
  • post your whole article in the Hive post
  • link your sources at the beginning of the article

UPDATE 07/02/2020: We have reached a consensus on how to operate on Hive and they have agreed to revisit the blacklist once criteria is met for our existing posts. We agreed to slow down to 2 per day MAX to Hive Blockchain ( TOP QUALITY POSTS ) until we gain the reputation of the community.

Update 07/05/2020: We are unbanned from Hivewatchers.

Ignore the following, although it is still enlightening to understand reputation online:

Hivewatchers has not being friendly with us and even accused me of using a Bot, which is discouraging. We are adding to the content on Hive Blockchain, it benefits all.

I immediately removed a post which contained plagiarism I was unaware of as the source was arabic, and now they are attacking every post of ours warning readers that we are not to be trusted.

We are an honest team of author's working together voluntarily to educate and share our knowledge. We will fix any mistake ASAP.

The benefit of decentralization is that; once HiveWatchers blacklist honest users they will lose reputation on the chain and another watch dog group will exist. The same thing happened to the previous network before Hive, Steem.

And this can happen to any user on the chain, or any cryptocurrency, losing all their reputation. Here is a direct quote from HiveWatchers-helper:

One of my most trusted Author's was detected for plagiarism. 1 post out of 290.

I removed immediately the plagiarism and deleted the article from this site, yet no response from HiveWatchers.

Reputation is key to success, and that is one goal of mine in helping all our young author's gain online reputation... which is very valuable to them as they grow.

HiveWatcher's so far has been very aggressive. I agree with them that we posted a lot in a short amount of time, which we have stopped.

Yet they continue to comment on every single post of ours warning users to be cautious with our content. Good grief.

Warm regards,

John Lambrechts & Utopia Educators' Editors: ( Shahin and Naim )