The Second President of Egypt  (1918-1970)

The figure of Al Nasser was mysterious, and he has as great popularity in Egypt and all Arab World.

So, people are divided about Al Nasser some people say that Al Nasser was a tyrant, and other people say he was a maker of Arab Unity.

In this article I will talk about Al Nasser's life and what his achievements and works were from birth to death.

Early life:

Jamal was born on 15 January in Alexandria -Egypt, his father is from Assiut Governorate and his mother is from Alexandria Governorate.

His father was a postman, so Gamal's family was much on the move.

Al Nasser went to elementary school in 1923 in Al Khattab City , then he left for Cario and lived with his uncle then he returned to Alexandria in 1930 and joined Ras Alteen high school.

Political Life:

One day when Jamal was on his way from school to house, he saw a protest and he joined with it.

The protest was denouncing the constitution of 1923 while Jamal himself did not know that. He was arrested by police during the protest as one of subversive and his name was announced in the newspaper

After staying for several days in prison, his father took him out on bail, then after two years he moved to Cario with his father.

He finished his studying in Al Nahda high school, but he was affected during staying in the prison by politicians and activists. So, his thoughts were changed and he wrote many articles about freedom, democracy, and Voltaire.

In 1937 he presented his[a][b][c]to Military College, but he was rejected because of the issue of demonstrations and riots.

So, he was obliged to join the Faculty of Law at Cairo University. After one year the minister of military Ibrahim Basha was on a visit to the university and Al Nasser met him and presented his request for joining the military college and the minister agreed, so he enrolled in the college in 1938 and he graduated in 1941.

The first task for Al Nasser was in Sudan where Sudan and Egypt were one country  he met in Sudan Abdel Hakim Amer and Mohammad Anwar Al Sadat.

He returned to Egypt in 1943 and he led the training in the Military Academy.

The first battle Al Nasser fought in the Palestine War:

in 1948 where he was a battalion commander and Mohammad Naguib was Sina operations commander.

Mohammad Naguib was also The First President and Prime Minister of Egypt following the establishment of the republic of Egypt on June 18th, 1953.

Al Nasser's battalion was surrounded by The Israeli Forces. And Al Nasser escaped and was slightly injured.