I've started my career as a flight attendant and everything in my mind about this job is just enjoyment, but I face the fact that I have to deal with many situations in this work, as a person without any experience in practical life. As dealing with many people from many cultures onboard or at the countries which I am visiting.

Saudi Arabia and Nigeria flights

For about three months I was stuck with one crew going, coming, boarding and deboarding, layover, we have to do this all the time together, besides to have on way flights to Nigeria only because our company contract with Saudi airlines was for the Nigerian route. we were four Jordanian and eight Greece crew. this flights change my mind about the whole work because the flights were so tough On the one hand the passengers were so simple people and this is the first time for them on board, most of them can’t use the lavatory, and even the seatbelt and we have as a crew to keep the cabin clean all the time, on the other hand, flights all the time with the same crew and to the same places made me bored.

India and Iran flights

After this phase finished we started our flights to India and Iran which was longer but more exciting, we finally can see new places and new people and making a layover in India, and dealing with civilized people in Iran, the best people I have ever seen until now in my career Iranian people they were humble, understanding, simple, and civilized.

I made many conversations with them and they are totally different from what we see in the news, they are peaceful human beings without rockets and unarmed, their accent like Italian with very long vowels, and they look like movie stars.

I liked sariا city which is famous for nuts and honey a lot, Tehran was my favorite, when I talked to my family and friends about that they don’t, believe me, they thought that the people of Iran is like the regime that rules the country, I don’t blame them if you don’t see don’t judge.that what I learned from Iran flights.

India was a whole different story, it was wonderful although we don’t spend a lot of time in each city we visited it was enough time for me to see the beauty of this country, Delhi, Calcot, Calcota, Ahmed Abad, and many other cities.

I remember once we made a layover in a city called Ahmed Abad the way from the airport to the hotel like a picnic, you cant feel bored the weather was wonderful, and the people were friendly.

When we arrive at the hotel I remember telling my friends that we are in heaven.

Europe flights

After my vacation in Jordan, we have gone to Greece to renew our license, we stayed I a hotel by the sea, in a Glyfada area in Greece, and it was near to downtown, the restaurants, he and the beach, and fortunately I have a lot of free time to see the city, Athens, which is very famous and full of historical places, but what draws my attention a lot in this country is the holydays its really” holy” nobody works at holidays almost everything is closed the streets is empty, after 8 p.m. even in the weekdays the city become ghost city except the high ways. I did many flights during this period to many European countries like Germany, France, Italy, and Scotland.

Morocco flights

We spend about a month in morocco going and coming, I've visited many cities in Morocco, the first city I visited is Judah on the border of Algeria and we spend about 4 hours between Judah to faas city in the car, I was fasting because it was Ramadan month-Muslims fast from the morning until the sunset, I fast in Saudi Arabia in the east until break my fast in the west its about3 hours more than usual, I didn't care too much because of the beautiful sites I saw, at the sunset we stopped by a small shop and I have my breakfast and continue our journey to faas city.

After two years in this company, I choose to leave it and went to another company which was Turkish to have another experience and to have regular flights, but it was almost the same bu different routes like Malaysia, Egypt, Turkey, Algeria, Ethiopia ..etc.

I think I was lucky to have this opportunity to see all of these countries, and seeing new people, new cultures, which help me to enlarge my ability to deal with people from different societies, and I like this job so much. after five years of working as a flight attendant, I choose to continue in this career to start a stable life in Jordan, with a lot of things in my memory which I will tell to my children later and a lot of experience and knowledge. i face many difficulties which belong to my little life experience and sometimes bad luck.but after while the majority of my memories remember the nice days I had during my working.

End of part two

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