An introduction you know well

Well, as you know, this topic has been written a lot, and so much that it has become somewhat boring, but as i am a person from  the country that topped the list of the most consuming countries for smoking and its derivatives, which is Jordan, despite everything that was written previously, I think it is a topic worth writing about again...

we will not try to convince you to quit smoking, but we will describe to you how you will feel after 30 days of quitting smoking, and the ball after that is in your court and you are free to choose an early death, exhausting
diseases, or a better healthy life.


Before we start

Before we start with the chronological account of the changes that will prolong your body after quitting smoking, let us support you in your will in case you wish to quit smoking; mohammed Bayram, a doctor specializing in chest diseases at Medipol Mega Hospital in Istanbul, says that no matter how long you smoke, once you quit smoking, there will be a noticeable improvement in the human body.[3]

So, if you are weak-willed and quick to despair in front of your bad habits like smoking, then this is your chance to try even once in your life to be a better person and quit smoking, now let's see what you would be like if you made a decision that would make your life longer.


How would you be without tobacco?

An hour after you quit smoking, your heart rate will decrease and return to

After 12 hours, the body will clean itself of the carbon monoxide that you introduced into your body through tobacco, which will prevent the blood from absorbing oxygen and cause your death.

After 24 hours, your probability of dying from a heart attack will have decreased, and your heart's work will improve, because HDL (High-density lipoprotein) cholesterol will increase due to your quitting smoking, and you will have given yourself a longer life,and the level of oxygen in the blood will also increase, which facilitates physical activity and helps maintain healthy heart habits.

48 hours after you quit smoking, you will notice an increase in your ability to smell and taste because smoking destroys the nerve endings you have in these two senses.


After 3 days you will suffer from mood swings, discomfort and severe headaches, because your body is accustomed to high doses of nicotine which will suddenly be cut off, but you will return to normal after your body gets used to the new situation.

Within a week, the cells responsible for purifying the air, which are located on the inner surface of the nose and bronchi, will recover well.

With the elapse of 30 days from the cessation of smoking, the lung function will begin to recover, and when the functional cycle is restored, a decrease in coughing and shortness of breath is noticed, and while the athletic abilities improve, you can do activities that depend on the heart muscle significantly, such as jumping and jogging.[1]

What if you didn't quit smoking?

We are sorry to tell you that if you continue to smoke, then you will be exposed to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which is the fourth most common cause of death around the world, but fortunately it can be controlled, but it cannot be completely recovered from it, and quitting smoking stops its development.


Benefits of quitting smoking

According to Ege Yigit, a doctor at Pendik Medipol University Hospital in Istanbul, "When a person quits smoking, the blood circulation in the human body improves, and the oxygen-rich blood goes to the cells, which leads to improved organ functions."

She also said: "Smoking causes hardening of the arteries or thickening of their walls, and thus erectile dysfunction, but once you quit, the risk of heart attacks and strokes decreases and there is a marked improvement in sexual performance."

Smoking or Corona? Which is more dangerous?

The World Health Organization confirms that the number of people affected by smoking exceeded those affected by the Corona virus, SARS, or even the largest plague that swept the entire world in the Middle Ages.

Muhammad Amin  Guoyunlu, a cardiologist at Medipol Mega Hospital, says: "After quitting smoking, it takes the body ten years to repair the damage caused by smoking. "


He continued: "If you want to quit smoking, quit smoking immediately, as your body may not have enough time to recover."

Epilogue you also know well

According to the World Health Organization, more than 8 million people die annually due to smoking[2], we do not want to tell you that you may be the next person, this matter includes all of us, but you will be richer if you save the price of your cigarettes, healthier if you stop introducing toxins into your body Smell more beautiful, with more beautiful teeth and a rosy lung, enabling you to stay longer with your loved one.

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