The current situation with the education and crisis in Venezuela is the main product of  the current crisis in the  country. Right now, many students have been forced to learn by themselves since the educational system in Venezuela is a broken actual system that is totally devastated where not even "the teachers" are benefited properly and correctly as they should be.

The current situation in the country shows that not only the government but also the mentality of the people does not help to progressively ADVANCE in economic, social and educational aspects.

In Venezuela, you can find a lot of insecurity, violence, power outages and political and economic conflicts.

In Venezuela there is a huge amount of teachers that are not currently fairly paid as they should be paid, which leads to a shortage of teachers and a cut in the budget for them.

The education of many students has been greatly affected and impacted in the last few years due to the fact that many Venezuelan students face major difficulties, especially the younger ones. This may be due to blackouts, lack of internet and lack of food.

One more time, it is considered that one of the biggest difficulties in the Venezuelan education is the problems related with economic and political adversities, everything in the country is absolutely complicated.

It is also known that many of the job opportunities that people are looking for are unreachable, the salary in Venezuela is not enough to buy anything as primary resources to survive in pandemic.

Venezuela's situation has worsened with the passage of time. The studies of Venezuelan students have been negatively impacted since currently although many students continue to watch their normal classes from home, the education is not the same.

The electricity and internet services are too deficient, many students daily face power outages and loss of internet signal which makes the adversities become even more difficult; everything becomes a challenge. The education in Venezuela has turned into a total chaos and crisis.

Unfortunately, from the students' point of view, at a general level, in the country it is known that, since the beginning of the Coronavirus pandemic, the studies were delayed because the education was not effective and this was an even bigger challenge.

In Venezuela the most important thing that must be recovered is education, without education a nation does not progress.

According to the circumstances that the country Venezuela is currently going through, the current situation of education has been mostly affected during the coronavirus pandemic since a huge decline has been noticed compared to previous years when the pandemic and quarantine did not yet exist.

A Samsung Galaxy Tab S and Google Pixel 3XL show Coronavirus information.

The current situation in the country of Venezuela in relation to education is greatly affecting future generations, this is because the fundamental basis of a good and progressive vocation depends entirely on the government that should be in charge of providing a good education to its students who are and will be the future of this country.

It can be said in a summary that, every student in Venezuela has in a positive and negative way a real interest to study and many of the students in the country have lost the incentive and interest to study.

This terrible situation has forced the educational system and the current progress towards the future of Venezuela go downhill. In relation to the teachers in Venezuela who are not properly paid, their minimum salary is of $3 and $4 American Dollars (USD).

Most teachers and workers are struggling and fighting for a fair economic minimum wage, specifically for educators in Venezuela.

Currently in Venezuela, it has been a great challenge for teachers to spread their voice and education to all students and their whole families, it is a common problem that the pandemic has meant a prolonged closure of many educational institutions. This means that many low-income families with their children are still not receiving a good education without access to any internet connection or signal which has developed a worse general educational crisis with worse consequences in the future of next generations.

Formulas on an old blackboard

Some of the problems in relation to education and the problems of many low-income families struggling to have a good education are:

  • Malnutrition in very poor families
  • Shortage of food and public services such as electricity, internet and water.

Education in Venezuela went from bad to worse since the pandemic started. Even though a huge amount students had the interest or the intention to study from a long distance and from their homes, all of these students faced a big problem in the Venezuelan country which was to deal and fight against:

  • Power outages
  • Shortage of internet
  • Electricity blackouts

The responsibility on the students is a role that went far beyond the expectations of the teachers, for no one in Venezuela it was a secret that education was going to get worse considerably after coronavirus pandemic; even so, many teachers were trying their best to make the students learn; But it is known that many students were not learning with the broken system in Venezuela.

Already from previous years, the educational system in Venezuela was quite alarming and worrying.

So, in relation to this, the problems of the pandemic and quarantine came to deepen and worsen the social and educational economic crisis that was already existing in Venezuela way before the pandemic.

Due to the lack of technology and internet access, the general initial education and university education has been severely affected. Education has gotten worse because many students have had to research and send their homework either by:

  • Online e-mails
  • Any online platform as WhatsApp, TikTok or YouTube
  • Google Classroom

This can take a lengthy process. It can be a quite difficult task to deliver a single homework or even a variety of projects due to the failures of access and internet connection inside the country that do not allow students to be able to deliver their activities on time.

Even so, many parents of minors still studying in Venezuela try to find other ways and any form of reachable resource to help their children with their homework and also to not diminish the quality of their studies.

The quarantine was a difficult progress added to the economic and social adversities within the Venezuelan country.