How to regain motivation? Free yourself from certain addictions? How to appease your brain over-stimulated by the easy pleasures of our modern times?

Our brain is constantly over-stimulated by various things that monopolize and scatter our attention. How to find inner peace? How to regain our attention, concentration, regulate our emotions and know how to feel contentment through small and real pleasures? What if we could be happy quite simply,by remaining serene whatever the external events? It seems that this can be done by practicing what scientists call : dopamine fast !

Have you ever thought how would  it be to live a life without food , technology , sex , music ,hanging out with friends and reading books or novels ?

I've found a random question : "How can one recover from a period of unwanted slacking off ?"

Now , take a deep breath and tell me , do you think 1st and 2nd question are somehow ... SIMILAR ??

Actually , they are ! Let's discover it together

What is dopamine fast ? what is dopamine ? and how can we fast ?

dopamine is a neurotransmitter , one of many other chemicals released by nerve cells , it is your “motivation molecule." it boosts your  focus, and concentration and enables you to plan ahead and resist impulses so you can achieve your goals

Then why do we have to fast ?

Fast means "Desensitization" , It refers to long-term changes involving a decline in dopamine signaling , so basically the main physiological feature of reward circuitry desensitization is a decline in dopamine signaling

the goal is to have as little fun as possible during your day , you have to treat it like a holiday , like an entire day event from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep and thus , things that you find entertaining or pleasurable are strictly forbidden !

How to practice dopamine fasting?

Pick up a period of abstinence from all sources of addiction that artificially increase our dopamine. The idea is to get rid of our addictions by avoiding them for a specific window of time. Some recommended tracks:

  • detach from phone
  • take some distance with your social networks
  • avoid easy food (too sweet, too industrial)
  • avoid the search for novelties, games, thrills avoiding drugs (including coffee, alcohol and tobacco)
  • avoid compulsive sex

How to naturally regulate your dopamine?

  • eat foods rich in tyrosine (amino acid in protein) and avoid sugars
  • play sports
  • spend time in nature (the sun increases the number of dopamine receptors)
  • meditate
  • sleep well: lack of sleep reduces the number of dopamine receptors
  • take a cold shower