The idea of space conquest has always occupied the minds of scientists in particular, and humanity in general. The dream began to come to a reality when the Soviet cosmonaut (Yuri Gagarin) became the world's first astronaut.

When NASA was founded, one of its top priorities was to reach the moon, which was accomplished by (Neil Armstrong), who made history by being the first person to walk on the moon's surface.

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However, the risk in the minds of scientists is a crucial question: what happens next?

All astronomers, governments, and mankind agreed that the most crucial step is to look for a planet on which we humans may survive in the event that something threatens humanity's existence.

Space firms and governments began to race to find the greatest planets with the most life elements and worlds with climates that are extremely similar to Earth's. Mars was the most comparable to the Earth in the solar system.

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Comparison between Mars and Earth:

How Space X made colonizing Mars possible:

SpaceX is an American aerospace, space transportation, and communications company located in Hawthorne, California. SpaceX was founded by Elon Musk in 2002 with the goal of lowering the costs of space transportation to enable the stability of Mars.

Obstacles to getting to Mars:

The first thing the company has done is to think about the obstacles it will face on its journey to Mars and seek to solve them. What are these obstacles?

There are many obstacles in the journey to Mars, including:

  • Distance
  • Landing on the red planet
  • Fuel
  • The cost

The distance issue:

is the most prominent and significant issue confronting private space companies and government agencies, including SpaceX, where the distance between Mars and Earth is approximately 394.84 million km, which is a significant distance that affects spacecraft and crew, knowing that this distance cuts within 128 to 333 days which is a significant time constraint

SpaceX says that the spacecraft will ultimately be able to fly from Earth to Mars in 30 days, while NASA predicts that by lowering the ship to 100 kg, the voyage would be accomplished in three days.

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Landing issue:

The landing issue will be minor because Mars' gravity is one-third that of Earth's, implying that the weight of the vehicle will be decreased by one-third, but there is still a significant risk.

After SpaceX made a great achievement in making the spacecraft that ascends to orbit return to Earth without any problems, this was done by redesigning the rocket to make it return to its launch platform again and reuse it again, and this solves the problem of high cost also after the existence of Frequent trips to the red planet.

The cost :

One of the major impediments to the advent of manned missions to Mars is the cost of sending a space mission to Mars, which is just $6 billion for four people, which is a very high cost.

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