We will work to focus our content with ultimate writing, top-tier templating, best photos, proper sourcing... it will be available in the Utopian Community under our author team's personal accounts instead of being umbrella'd. This will work better with the Hive Ecosystem.

I have recruited all our team:



Everyone may post content that has a goal to educate on the good or bad of the world is welcome to the Utopian Community (Hivewatchers rules apply, no plagiarism!).

You can view all our team's Delegations + 2 Dlease's

I trust Hiver's to build a perfect system and expand the Hive ecosystem. We are not leaving Hive due to one user and his teams' actions. I apologize for that impulse.

After seeing good Hivers come out in support of us and even recommending future ideas I have chosen Hive is the answer, no shit coins.

I will work to develop rules of engagement in the community and research more on Community Economics on Hive this week.

My team will be active there under their individual accounts helping to grow the community and use their delegated HP capital. @utopiaeducators account will remain as a Curator and Reblogger of any amazing posts in the in Utopian Community and elsewhere. I will be posting from my personal account @johnlambrechts.

Hivewatchers Blacklist True-Crime:

Gage Skidmore / CC BY-SA

Due to unfortunate attacks without merit by @azircon and others who do not approve of my business model of paying author's with a 80% beneficiary on top of a generous direct payment. Also a mistaken source link from an Arabic native speaker author of ours caused a spaminator mass plagiarism ban. 2/380 Posts had an arabic translation problem. I don't believe our account should be labeled as such, especially when the author was an 80% beneficiary. We are honest people.

We are being recommended by Hivewatchers to operate as a community or only write posts about daily life as apparently we can't write about technical topics, where personally I believe at least 5 members of my team are capable of writing advanced #STEMsocial quality type content with effort, see this post by @nuforad:

I have chosen to comply with Hivewatchers as @guiltyparties does have everyone (who is honest, professional, and non exploitative) interests at heart. They are very busy, please respect and honor their arbitration process.

More background on recent drama for those that like Hive-Drama:

I (@johnlambrechts) was labeled as an Exploiter and 'Spinner' by the funder? (@azircon) and developer for @BDcommunity after being invited to their Voice Chat.

I had an interesting business model of paying authors and then giving them rewards on Hive as 80% beneficiary. I have not earned anything from this website other than on-chain hive rewards and have no exploit goals or plans.

We don't know what we said to inspire such attacks, he took it upon himself to attack us off chain on Discord to @guiltyparties and recommend our Ban in the Hivewatcher's Discord after we had a meeting with them.

I paid my author's $8-$10 per post to during COVID-19 lockdowns. I also helped advance all of our authors knowledge with Hive, Crypto, Content Writing, business interaction, and career advice every day for the past 3 months. They are all on Hive now. I also helped a Syrian man by paying him Bitcoin so he could travel to his family, a Venezualan family $200 in 2 months so their 16 year old son could improve English and write content.

I will let my future actions speak for themselves, and I ask you to ignore the claims by @azircon and the mockery of us in BDCommunity.

The project is new and I am working my hardest to help humanity, defeat bullshit or unoriginal content, as well as those who attack our honest team's reputation. Every project has problem's and forgive our growing pains.

We are solving it by having author's post under their account to Utopian Community.

Thank you to @guiltyparties to being a sane arbitrator and working with us.

@azircon I would welcome an apology from BDCommunity, our author's have made mistakes, you don't have to attack us sir. Thank you for upvoting the our Venezuelan writer's Habbo Hotel post. Inshallah we will leave all of this behind us, let's enjoy competition.

Upon an apology from yourself and your developer I would consider unbanning you from Super Company for attacking my reputation which in The United States is called defamation:

In general, the law considers a statement to be defamatory if it tends to cause such harm to the reputation of another that it lowers that person in the eyes of the community or deters third persons from associating with him or her.


Warm Regards Hivers, thank you to our early fans, you'll be rewarded for the Love.

Rock on!