The Egyptian Ministry of Tourism recently presented one of the largest archaeological discoveries of this century
Where he revealed 59 ancient coffins more than 2,500 years old

In details

the scholars indicated that these coffins belong to the priests and senior workers, as Alia was found inside a burial well in the Saqqara area south of the Egyptian capital

A large number of antique statues were also found.

Egyptian archaeologists said that most of the coffins are in excellent condition, as they will be moved for display inside the Grand Egyptian Museum, whose opening date is nearing.

Despite this, the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities insisted that these mummies are still under examination and photography
All texts and writings accompanying the statues will also be studied to find out the names of all those buried

But will this discovery mark a turning point in the way we study ancient Egyptian history?
We will wait for the answer with the passage of time