History has introduced many people who have influenced the world, such as Albert Einstein and Max Planck in physics, Beethoven and Mozart in music, Hassan Fathi and Fazlur Rahman Khan in architecture, but we do not remember the influence of women in the world’s history and future and there are many prominent female figures in the world such as Marie Curie The only person to have received two Nobel Prizes, one in physics and the other in chemistry.

Zaha Hadid

She is one of the most famous female figures that has emerged in our world and has reached a global fame due to her wonderful work that is breathtaking in the beauty of what she made and professionalism in it, which is Zaha Hadid, the Arab and Iraqi architect, who strongly opened the doors of fame with her designs in many countries of the world and has a special impact on visitors, architects and architecture students, she is considered the first example for architecture students in all architectural schools and colleges in the world.

How did Zaha Hadid start in her career?

Zaha Hadid was greatly influenced by the works of Frank Lloyd Wright, where she went with her father at the age of six to an exhibition of the architect Frank Lloyd Wright, where the exhibition contained many of Frank's amazing works, so I was very impressed with his work, so she wished to become like him. Zaha Hadid started her ambition from a young age. Her dream until she reached what we see today of fame and creativity.

Zaha Hadid was very interested in interior design since the age of 11, as she was very interested in developments in art and architecture, and her project was to redesign her room.

Although she did not study architecture at the beginning, as she studied mathematics at the American University in Beirut, but in return she began to fulfill her dreams after completing her mathematics studies in 1971, where she studied architecture at the Architectural Association in London.

Did architecture find just to design a beautiful building?
This concept is very common among people. Some people may think that the importance of architecture is in designing a beautiful and distinctive building only, but this is very far from the truth for which architecture was found, so why is it important in our lives?

It's reputation began to spread in the world after it changed the concept of architecture forever with projects that departed from what we were familiar with, as it developed many important architectural theories that dealt with many things.

most important her designs

Zaha Hadid designed many amazing designs that were distinguished by strangeness and remoteness from what is familiar, as she can distinguish the works that Zaha did from the rest of the works.

  • Peak entertainment club

It is a building that was designed for a competition and won by Zaha Hadid, where she proposed the construction of a new terrain on the hill, and the building consists of a group of lines that intersect with each other and form many artificial layers, thus completing the design of the project, which is a horizontal skyscraper on the hills of Colón.

When we look at the horizontal plan for the first time, we feel a great amount of respect that Zaha Hadid gave to nature, so I took the general concept of the building from the formation of the ground layers, so if you look at it for the first time, you may not be able to distinguish between the rock layers and the building, each line represents one of the floors in the building.

  • Rosenthal Center for Contemporary Art.

It is its first building in America that was designed for a competition to build this center and won it. The building was built in the state of Ohio in the United States. The building consists of many blocks arranged on top of each other, the building may have a normal design and resemble any other building, but this is only part of In fact, in fact, it is one of the distinctive buildings designed by Zaha Hadid, as it is characterized by the presence of spaces between the blocks and we find there blocks that feel as if they are flying in the space, and the design of the glass allows light to enter the building.

  • Guangzhou Opera House

The building is located in Guangzhou, China. This building is very distinctive. It took five years to build. The building contains a grand exhibition hall. The hall is distinguished by the absence of columns inside and the building is made of concrete and coated with glass.

The design is characterized by the presence of many curves in the structures. Zaha Hadid used iron because of its ease of control and durability in construction, and the building is also characterized by great flow.

An architectural critic says, "The design is both very theatrical, very delicate and perfect at once."
  • Heydar Aliyev Center

It is one of the most famous cultural centers in the world. It is located in Azerbaijan. It took seven years to build in this building. Everything that is familiar with the buildings was changed. Straight walls were transformed into curves and the roof was also transformed into a curve that resembles the shape of the beautiful sea waves. Zaha Hadid won this award in her design. It is one of the largest international prizes, and it is the London Design Museum Award, and it is the first woman to receive this award.

Architecture and Music
Could architecture and music be related? They are two different things, and their difference only in form, but their content and characteristics are the same, as music is the soul of architecture
  • Soho Galaxy Building

A huge building located in Beijing / China consists of two blocks similar in design to the planets or even the shape of the universe as it is spherical, the spherical design gives the viewer a feeling of a large space and a large comfortable area, this shape works to reduce the use of the pillars supporting the building, which also affects the aesthetics of the building. Galaxy has distinctive facades from the point of view of beauty, as it contained a large amount of glass, which created some problems such as pollution, as the building was built in the most polluted areas in Beijing.

There are many designs that Zaha Hadid worked on and the world admired it.

Zaha Hadid's non-architectural works

Zaha Hadid benefited from architecture, but in another area, which is the design of furniture, where the architect in general is characterized by his ability to design interior furniture for buildings to suit the design of the building, and this is what Zaha worked in.

  • The field of fashion

Zaha Hadid designed many clothes, accessories, shoes, etc. One of the most famous designs for her in this field is designing plastic shoes that resemble architectural structures and other bags and shoes.

  • Yacht design by Bloom Voss

Zaha Hadid used her experience in the field of architecture in designing yachts, the most prominent of which is the private yacht of the Plum Voss Company, which consists of several floors linked to each other in internal and external slopes.

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