As you can see we share information about a lot of topics that have happened on Planet Earth.

The definition of Utopia by Merriam-Webster has three accepted definitions:

a place of ideal perfection especially in laws, government, and social conditions
an impractical scheme for social improvement
an imaginary and indefinitely remote place

The definition I think of when I hear "Utopia" is the first one. I am the founder of Utopia Educators and the purpose is to share all ideas and schemes so you can make educated decisions about things on Earth and beyond.

Please decide which definition of Utopia you would like to achieve in your life and community. In this community of author's I think there is an ideal perfect balance in the way we act towards each other, write, etc.

Utopia is different for everyone, and I hope you take this educational journey with us with an open mind.

Our Author's have been chosen solely due to their knowledge, respect, and me meeting in random. Everyone is free to contribute.

We will never promote violence, division, or impractical schemes here.

Please comment on the article if you feel we are being impractical or have made any editorial factual errors, then each author will address the concern of yours or fix any mistakes.

Thank you for reading.

Rock on Planet Earth!