A friend of mine asked me a perplexing question and since she is the dearest to my heart no wonder the strangest  question would come from her! The question was what is the word!?

When I start  thinking of her question the answer sounded easy but as long as I contemplated it.  The question became confusing!. Word is something I say to convey what is going on inside me.

Sometimes I think about it before I utter it but unfortunately most of the time after. Whatever I am going to say about the word I will fail to define it simply because word is word!

Everyone understands it differently, moreover, replies to it and remembers it differently.

These four letters puzzles everyone W for Weapon, O for Owe, R for Reality and  D for Deep.

Firstly,  Word is  the most violent weapon we obviously have.  Most of us don't know when and how to use it.

No wonder why we have all of this misunderstanding is going on in this crazy world.

People hate and kill each other just because of a word someone said without paying attention to the pain in his word, carries on and left alone if this word was misinterpreted.

It would be the start of the endless wars.

Secondly, Whenever  a word  comes out from the speaker's  mouth and touches the listener heart someone will awe another.

The speaker can aid  and support the listener  and this is how he can owe him.

With the same word  the speaker can hurt furthermore break the listener's heart and this is how the speaker owes the poor listener.

Thirdly, we all are thirsty to know the reality:  this is why we must  always tell the truth in our words no matter what.

Telling the truth may hurt us but telling a lie for sure will kill us. Finally, there are some boiling words in the bottom of our hearts they are like lava they will burn everything, if they come out.  We have to withhold them so deep because  this words would lose its value if it were pronounced because no one can understand them.

However, if you are lucky  one and this is rare in this world  you might find profound person can feel your words moreover understands what you are not saying.   This person would relieve your pain. In the end I do apologize to my dearest friend because I failed to answer her question though this is the only failure I am proud of!

Thank you,



The First Blind Utopia Educators' Author