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This will allow us to assign you an editor, add your email to the UtEd backend, and get you publishing.

Our author team is growing and we hope to help along the way to hone your English skills. We will not force you to write any topic, you are free to write what you may wish. Every idea is welcome here. Don't be surprised if it's refuted in another author's post, we encourage every idea.

We do not discriminate, we only discriminate against violence 'and' scammers. The founder invested a lot of his money into this project and rewards authors for their posts.

Unlike Twitter, Facebook, Instagram where they use your data and shove ads down your throat, UtEd will never run an advertisement on our Website and our goal is to be funded by donation.

Well, never say never to a for profit model, we do have big plans to turn this site into a major media enterprise continuing our tradition and so many other's on Earth, Sound Education for all.

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 After confirmation that you want to work with us, our team will send you an email to create an account to the backend of Utopia Educators where you can write your article. Don't worry, our members will help you to start your journey with us. You will be rewarded in any form of currency.

I deal in BTC, Legal Tender, Gift Cards, Phone Top Ups, whatever you want!

If you are curious about what makes us tick you can read this: What is Utopia?

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