It is mentioned in Islamic history that the Prophet Muhammad was able to understand some of the signs of animals, such as the camel to which it complained about the weight of what his owner carried on it , and the prophet Suleiman understood the language of the bird and had a hoopoe to bring him important news, and did the whale that swallowed the Prophet Yunus know what do? All these things are already mentioned in the heavenly books, so are animals very intelligent?

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Dogs: humans best friend

In addition to their known loyalty to humans, dogs possess a high intelligence rate equivalent to that of a child of two years of age. According to the report of the "Life Science" website, the language development test revealed that ordinary dogs can learn 165 words (such as a child of 2 years old) including gestures and gestures.[1]
Also, dogs have emotions and they can recognize their owner and sense the feelings of others.

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Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Golden Retriever as a Family Pet
Pets are great pals, and this friendship becomes stronger when these furry little souls are converted into family members. Dogs are great pets as family members and rejoice the joys of life. Golden retrievers have a combination of all the traits we are discussing right now.

Crows and Physics
The raven, who taught the son of the Prophet Adam how to bury his brother after killing him as mentioned in the heavenly books, is a good learner of physics, as the crow can recognize well the faces and distinguish whether they are harmful or predatory, as it also understands the principles of physics, and is known for changing migration patterns It avoids farms where crows have been killed in the past, and it also saves garbage collection roads to get food easily.

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Pigs sympathize and solve puzzles
Let me tell you that pigs may have feelings that transcend human beings, as they understand emotions and sympathize as well, and they may be friends with you just like dogs, and they have an intelligence that enables them to solve simple puzzles and symbols.

World Animal Day: 4 October
Today is world animal day. This day is celebrated every year on 4 October. The main purpose of the day is ‘to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe’.

Pigs no more than six weeks old were able to understand the reflection of mirrors, as a hidden bowl of food was placed in the middle of a maze whose solution depends on the concept of mirror reflection, so the pigs were able to reach them in a few hours.

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Octopus doesn't see difficulty in anything
The octopus is known for its high cunning, as it is adept at opening pot lids and inserting its huge body through small holes, and it is also a cunning fugitive, as it can climb into very deep water basins and escape from them.

What Makes Fireflies Tick?
Fireflies produce a chemical reaction inside their bodies which lets them light up. This kind of light production is called bioluminescence. There is a thing like a box light on the back of a firefly’s body. It contains two types of chemicals: Luciferase and Luciferin.

The German octopus "Otto" is known to be a masterful thrower of stones at the glass, and a good sprinkler of water on the lights in the ceilings of ponds to turn off their lights if it is disturbed, all this makes it one of the smartest animals.

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Squirrels don't forget
In a study conducted at Princeton University on gray squirrels, it was found that squirrels can remember thousands of places where they buried their food, along with their intelligence in deception to protect their food as well.

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Dolphins also cheat
In a study conducted by the Marine Mammal Institute in Mississippi, the results showed that dolphins are the second most cunning animal on earth, and dolphins are also known to be the second smartest animals as well, as their brains are very large for their size. And they have the ability to show emotions and imitate some monkeys' actions.

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Venezuela: Everyday a Lost Promise :(
Venezuela is going through some hard times. This article is authored by a young Venezuelan.

The Bees: the Dancing Democracy
Fifty thousand bees gather to make democratic decisions, which is known as swarm intelligence, and this meeting of workers takes place to find new homes in the spring after the old colony becomes crowded, so a bee scout goes to search for new homes, and if a group of scouts objects to The dwelling that other groups choose to live is discussed around through dancing, as the scout performs a vibrating dance in the place he deems suitable for living. If his dance is exciting, he has succeeded in convincing them and moving them to a new colony.

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Elephants: huge size and powerful memory
Elephants have a strong memory. In 1999, an elephant named Shirley has come to Elephant Sanctuaries in Tennessee and met an elephant named Jenny, and he immediately recognized her and they played together, and Jenny remembers Shirley since their circus performances 22 years ago.[2]

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Chickens distinguish shapes
Melissia Kogi says in her book "How a Chicken Talk and a Child's Guide to Maintaining Chickens" that chickens can distinguish between circle, square, rectangle, triangle and others, and they can also distinguish between colors.

Mandela Effect’s relationship to Pikachu: Brain and Memories
Most people are almost sure that Nelson Mandela died in 1980 but in fact he died in 2013. Does that have something to do with parallel universes or is it just a false memory?

Parrot super-intelligent
According to the "Life Science" site, parrots are nearly as intelligent as a three-year-old child.

In addition to the ability to imitate humans, it can solve puzzles based on logical reasoning.

University of Vienna researcher Christian Schlogl said that the African gray parrot has the ability to understand some causal relationships between things, it is also very good at finding things.

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Chimpanzees learn words
According to National Geographic, “chimpanzees can learn words and play with things, and they seem to mourn the death of their friends.” This intelligence of chimps is due to their genes, and this is evident in chimpanzees having their own way of making life easier. Chimpanzees make and use tools to do simple tasks such as opening fruits and nuts. " [3]

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Dogs as Smart as 2-year-old Kids
Dogs are looking smarter every day.

[2] Marco Siebe (Dec 18, 2015) , " Shirley and Jenny" , retrieved:(Oct 16 2020)

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