Why do we go to the architect to design our buildings, our homes and even our gardens? Is it really necessary to have an architect? What are the difficulties that any architect may encounter when designing buildings? How does an architect rely on nature to design a house suitable for living in, and buildings suitable for work in?

The architect's main job is to design buildings in all aspects of shape, functionality, voids, ventilation and heat, natural lighting, and even building furniture.

An architect is a person who studies all the movements of a person from waking up in the morning to his sleep and even during his sleep, hardly a person exits a building except to enter another building and all these buildings are designed by one person and he is the architect.

Why do we need an architect

We need it in order to be able to live in a suitable place to live in, the architectural may provide you with a lot of energy that is possible, such as:

  • Heating and cooling

You need heating, for example, the architect may provide you with heating from the sun in the morning and provide it for you for the evening with the proposed materials (insulation and others).

Instead of using air conditioners to adjust the atmosphere to swim properly, this costs you electricity, installation, etc. In the long run, it may not be economically feasible and it is not suitable for low-income families, but the architect will definitely solve this problem.

  • Natural lighting

The architect can solve this problem as well, as he is using a technique to enter the natural lighting without being affected by the internal temperature of the building. One of these techniques is what you will see in the following picture.


Does place have a role in our comfort?

The answer to this question is yes, for example the color of the room affects ourselves, so the red color gives us a feeling of speed and activity and makes the soul a great ability to eat or other, we note that the most uses of this color in fast food restaurants in order to give a person a feeling of the necessity of eating or he may sometimes request another meal and this all Affects restaurant sales.

The red color is an emotional color, which makes the feeling of hunger predominant. We also note the use of yellow to increase feelings of happiness in the restaurant, so the customer provides a high rating for restaurants. [1]


Another example on this topic is places of rest that give you comfort while sitting in them. Places that contain trees and forests are very rich in oxygen, which gives you comfort in it, and you may sit in these places for a long time.

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The effect of the construction site on the way the building works, its design and its shape

The design depends largely on the construction site, as desert buildings differ in their design from city buildings and countryside buildings different from desert buildings. Each site has its own design peculiarity. It is not correct to design a desert building in the city and it is not correct to design a city building in the desert.

The effect of the desert site on the design:

The desert climate is a dry and very hot climate in the day and very cold at night, so there is a great change and variation in temperature that affects the stiffness of the building and the materials used must be very suitable for this environment, and from a human point of view, the high temperature makes a person not able to live in the desert. So the design method must be thoughtful to enter the cool air and moisture into the building, in this way it makes the building very comfortable to live in.

In my last project that I submitted to the university, I had analyzed the site to design a tourist hostel in a desert area in Jordan, and we had to use sustainable means in the design to keep the building warm from the inside and make it suitable.

This picture is the results of my site analysis:

my site analyses

In this analysis, I have suggested many solutions to the problems that will face us after construction, from the materials, the shape of the building, the ventilation holes ... etc.

Urban impact on design

Cities are characterized by their high noise, great pollution and congestion, so the designer must choose the appropriate materials for the design and determine a good rotation of the building in order to gain some sunlight and to enter fresh air into the building

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And I prefer to place the courtyard in the buildings and plant trees inside it because of pollution and to increase the entry of oxygen into the building


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