Muhammad Raghoub was born in Baghdad in 1930, and he lived in Al-Mansour neighborhood - the most prestigious neighborhood in the city - where embassies, villas and palaces gather, and many gardens, fields, and gardens abound. As he grew up in a wealthy family, moving from childhood to the capitals of Europe on family trips, he changed many of his ideas, so he fell in love with travel, realizing the differences between the traditions of the East and the start and liberation of the West, hoping that he would live the rest of his life in Europe.

Iraqi pilots at a meeting to draw up a plan for bombing Iranian targets.

After completing his studies year after year, he graduated as a civilian pilot in America. Under intense pressure from his family, he left the Pan American company and returned to Baghdad to join Iraqi Airways, roaming the airports of the world east and west.


The end of the pilot, Mohammed Raglhoub:

Muhammad Raghoub is a pilot pioneer at an airport in the Republic of Iraq. He previously worked as a civilian pilot for Europe, and spent enjoyable nights in Frankfurt and Munich - he remembered those nights while serving at an airport where there was no entertainment and in 1964 he obtained satisfactory permission thanks to the help of some of his friends in (Baghdad), to spend five weeks in Europe. In February 1965, he arrived in Frankfurt, the city in which it is pleasant to reside. Within days, his salary as a pilot flew over the cabarets and playful women, including one of the Mossad agents. He told her about his financial hardship, so She introduced him to someone who makes speculations and pledges that can help him. And who presented himself in the name of (Harvatz), one of the most excellent agents and head of the Mossad branch in Germany. He asked him, Is 10,000$ enough for your spend until you return to Iraq ?? Raghlob, who received the money the next day, was surprised by the Federal Bank in Frankfurt.

MiG-21 , Iraqi Air Force.

(Herfratz) began his work within three days, and he did not leave a loophole about the life of (Ragloub) unless he asked him (verbally, written, recorded, and pictures). In the end, he told him that they had chosen him to acquire a MiG-21, if he does it, he will give him $ 250,000, which would secure his life and the lives of those he loved forever. If he agreed with others and carried out the operation, his share would be 100 thousand dollars and also secure it alongside the bomber.

The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations. Israel.

Muhammad Raghoub was shocked by surprise!And wait for them to ask him ... How many planes, how many pilots do you have? Where are secret airports located? ..Etc.However, he did not accept or reject the request to study the matter. Nevertheless, they asked him to go to Paris to complete the negotiations. They handed him a plane card that reached Paris and he got into a furnished house near Pyramid Square. (Two Mossad officers visited him to find out his final opinion). He considered the process and its danger. He agreed to call his colleagues who lead the Mig 21. Still, he insistently requested himself in advance for (250) thousand dollars, to be placed in a Swiss bank, arguing that the Intelligence Division in Baghdad pays more to those who know it about what Israel is weaving.


His words angered the Israelis, so they withdrew, forcing him to return to Germany by train. In such a case, it is necessary to pretend with approval, then take whatever measures it deems appropriate, such as informing the Iraqi consulate or Iraqi intelligence upon his return, not intimidating the enemy with Iraqi intelligence !! Because the enemy always feels that the agent is preparing to expose him, They get rid of him.

While the train was traveling at a speed of 100 km with a narrow procedure at the door of the trailer, German police found this cut into pieces. In her report that she sent to the Iraqi embassy, ​​she stated that she confused the bathroom door to the external door !! His sin entrusted him with telling the Iraqi intelligence to end his life. This is their way of getting rid of those who refuse to cooperate with them.

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