Since ancient times, people have been using medicinal plants to cure diseases. If a plant has the ability to cure diseases, it is called a medicinal plant. One of the most well-known medicinal plants in our vicinity is the Neem tree. Neem leaves to bark, roots to flowers, fruits to seeds are all essential. It can be said that Neem trees are planted in every house to keep the environment clean and germ-free(1). At present, various species of Neem trees are scattered all over the subcontinent, including warm and humid regions. It is said to have originated in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar(2).


We all know about the many qualities of Neem. Considering this quality of Neem,  declared Neem as a 'tree of the 21st century'(3). Although people have known about the properties of Neem since ancient times, scientific research on Neem has started recently. Neem has been known to exist in the Indian subcontinent since 5,000 years before the birth of Christ. People's interest in using Neem is increasing day by day. Let's discuss the uses, benefits and side effects of the Neem tree.

Health Benefits of Neem

One Neem leaf has thousands of health benefits. According to Ayurveda, Neem leaves are an outstanding remedy for various physical problems.

Antibacterial properties

The leaves of the Neem tree have antibacterial properties. Neem leaves have anti fungal and antiviral properties, which makes Neem leaves stronger. It also plays an important role in curing any kind of disease. It helps to kill any bacteria and germs. They are also used as dental medicines. For that reason, Neem pulses are used as toothpaste(4).

Neem leaf juice helps in digestion

Indigestion, heartburn is our daily problems. Neem contains some digestive aids, which reduce the problem of indigestion and help in the digestion of food. The inflammatory ingredients present in Neem leaves solve gastric and digestive problems. As a result, it is possible to get rid of diseases like ulcers. In addition, it improves digestion and eliminates bloating and constipation(5).

Neem in curing cancer

As the incidence of cancer continues to rise, people of all ages need to make it a habit to eat Neem leaves regularly. Studies have shown that Neem leaf extract helps destroy prostate cancer cells. The combination of Neem leaves also helps prevent the spread of cancer(6).

Neem in controlling diabetes

Neem has an important role in lowering blood sugar, which is why it is an important ingredient in diabetic patients. Studies have shown that Neem can show hypoglycemic effects. It can also kill the germs of the disease if the onset of diabetes. As a result, diabetic patients benefit from the use of Neem(7).


Neem in controlling blood pressure

Neem helps to cleanse the body from the inside out and plays an important role in purifying the blood. Taking honey and Neem leaf juice mixed in a cup of water on an empty stomach daily can speed up the blood circulation in the body. Regular consumption of Neem leaves widens the blood circulation and controls high blood pressure(8).

Benefits of Neem leaves for skin

Neem leaves have been used in skincare since ancient times. If the weather changes or if you eat a little indiscriminately in the diet, you have to face problems like acne, blackheads, etc. Problems like acne, whiteheads, blackheads, pimples can also be noticed due to other internal problems of the body.

The various ingredients made from Neem oil treat chronic skin problems. Studies have shown that a mixture of Neem and turmeric eliminates the symptoms of chronic diseases in the skin(9). Regular use of Neem leaf and turmeric paste helps to reduce brown spots on the face and makes the skin clean and radiant. Which relieves dryness without making the skin too oily and maintains the balance of the skin.

Uses of Neem


There is various way to use Neem. Almost people use Neem by crushed or mixing other natural supplements. A lot of people made natural cosmetics with various natural supplements for skin care.  Used of the Neem tree is very widespread. You can use every part of the Neem tree. You can use Neem leaves in your daily life and directly use them in health care. The role of Neem leaves in diabetes, cancer, digestive problems, high blood pressure is undeniable. Neem leaves can be used for any type of skin problem such as bronchitis, rash, etc. In that case, you can make a face pack at home with Neem leaves and use it on the skin. Neem oil is also used for skincare.

Side effects of Neem

Neem is a very popular natural supplement of that benefits. But it has also side effects. The use of Neem oil in children is more sensitive, although the effects of Neem on children have not been directly studied. Neem leaves are not helpful in pregnant women. This can be one of the main causes of miscarriage. And you must have to talk to your doctor before any supplements.

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