A person is always confronted with challenges that he believes will never be overcome and will follow him throughout his life, or he is afflicted with illnesses and mental disorders that make him a killer ... Yes, a "killer"

And he may cause great harm to himself and those around him, but no matter what a person is going through, he must rid himself of these thoughts that will make his life a living hell.

The human body is a gift, and it's not right to harm himself in any way but the human may be going through a particularly trying time that is affecting his mental abilities and logical thinking so he goes ahead and does it to himself

When did the first suicide in history happen?

Suicide began as a "killing of the soul" in ancient times, and I believe it originated in ancient "pagan" religious myths, as it was considered one of the punishments for mistakes.

However, because suicide is prohibited in all religions, ancient philosophers had a variety of viewpoints on the subject. Each soul, therefore, deserves a new chance to seek. It was canceled as a punishment for encouraging change. We cannot predict the first case of suicide, but I do know that it is prohibited, so all I need to say is that "your body is not yours".

What did philosophers say about sicide?

“a man, who is one of the god’s possessions, should not kill himself ‘until the god sends some compulsion upon him, as he sends compulsion on us at present” -socrates-[1]

Plato’s opinion was deferred from that others because he claimed “the state and god are connected , and the state has the right to order the convicted individual to commit suicide, but the concept of killingg himself without a good reason is rejected” which means the suicide is permissible in certain cases -according to plato-

In certain cases aristotle thought suicide was approrite but he said “Taking one's own life to escape hunger, desire, or pain is unmanly... or more cowardly,” -Aristotle-

Types of suicide

Durkheim is a sociologist who identified three types of suicide and tried to explain the underlying sociological reasons.

  • Egoistic suicide: The bond between the membersof the community weakening or rupture results occur. The more involved the individual is with the community, the less likely this  type of suice is.

Accordinng to Durkheim, family bond is also have an effect to this egoistic suicide. The weaker family bond, the more likely this type of suicide.

  • Alturistic suicide:This type of suicide is opposite of egoistic suicide.The person commits suicide due to the strong connection with his society. Society rules and norms are couses of this type of suicide.
  • Anomic suicide:It coused by the collapse the norms in the society. It is a form of  suicide which seen in crisis perods.

In a stable society, people can predict more or less what will happen and expect accordingly. But any positıve or negative change that may occur in this stable life will disrupt this order.For example, in a country with a lot of divorces, such suicide cases are more common than in a country with few divorces.

  • Fatalistic suicide:Durkheim has not fully explained this type of suicide. It is just passed as a footnote. Strict Rules are Couses of this suicide. [4]

Yeah suicide has three basic types. But a suicide may resemble more than one species.

What are the reasons that drive a person to kill himself?

According to there are alot of reasons that drive a person to thinking about suicide, but there are 5 most common reasons for that

I- Depression and other mental illnesses

People who are depressive, bipolar, or suffering from post-traumatic stress are more vulnerable to suicidal thoughts or acts ,and often people who have not been diagnosed with something die by suicide. Few people commit suicide, despite the fact that many people suffer from psychiatric depression.

II- Hopelessness

Many people have suicidal thoughts or actions because they think they can no longer handle the clinical or emotional distress they are experiencing.

III- Feeling like a burden

A sense of burdensomeness is another typical precipitating occurrence. According to him, this causes an unhealthy sense of shame which can contribute to a person's decision to stop living.

IV- Stressful situations

Suicide may be caused by stressful circumstances. Relationship issues, financial problems, academic or job stresses, bullying, health problems, loss of a loved one, and so on are all examples of stressful circumstances.

V- Isolation

Suicide is avoided by providing family support and a social system. People who lack support and community, on the other hand, are at a higher risk of suicide.

Previous suicide attempts, a family member who has died by suicide, alcohol or drug abuse, or a history of abuse or trauma are all additional risk factors for suicide. [2]

The most famous cases of suicide in history

Kurt Cobain

American songwriter and vocalist of a rock group named Nirvana. He was addicted to drugs. And he had so much pain in his stomach. He couldn’t handle these pains and pain killers didn’t work. Except this he struggled with the pressures surrounding his wife, Courtney Love.  In the end he shot himself with a rifle on 8 April 1994. [6]

Hunter S. Thompson:

American journalist writer.He had three books in total.Screw-Jack is also the creator of the short story series and the Fire in the Nuts short story.He was extremely addicted to alcohol and drugs. He said “No more games. No more bombs. No more walking. No more fun. No more swimming. Another 17 over 50 years. 17 years more than I need or want. Boring. Relax, it won't hurt.”in his last article on rolling stone. He shoot himself in February 2005.

Dorothy Millette

One of the sex symbols in the 1930s, 21 year old Jean Harlow announced that he would marry the studio manager and two times older than himself, Paul Bern. But there was a fact known by everyone, Paul Bern was married and the real events happened after that. After the incident, on September 5, 1932, Bern's wife shot herself in the bathroom of their house. Bern found his wife naked in the bathroom with a scent of perfume and a note.

Per Ohlin

Another suicide attempt that is remembered is by Per Ohlin, lead singer of the Norwegian Black Metal Band Mayhem. Ohlin's lifeless body was found on April 8, 1991, with his wrists and throat amputated and shooting himself with a gun. In his suicide note; First I cut my wrists and throat. Then I shot myself to make sure I was dead… Sorry for the blood in the air .[5]

some proofs that an individual want to commit suicide.

  • Threatens self-harm or death.
  • Attempts to procure the tools required to commit suicide (weapons, medications, etc.)
  • Person who discusses or talks of his or her own death.
  • Shows a need for vengeance.
  • Discusses getting caught in a bad situation with no way out.
  • Feels as if there is no need to exist or that it has no meaning.
  • Withdraws from all significant relationships, including friends, education, job, relatives, and others.
  • Without hesitation, engages in risky actions. [3]


Suicidal thoughts are handled predominantly by identifying the cause or condition that contributed to them, and care frequently alternates between pharmacological and psychological treatments, depending on the patient's circumstance, Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most common form of psychotherapy for suicidal thoughts, and it focuses on modifying the patient's thoughts and attitudes about the issues that contributed to the disorders. Whether it's psychological depression or the breakdown of emotional relationships, or something else, psychological or suicidal thoughts are common.

Since a large part of the treatment depends on the person himself , the consultant psychiatrist recommends taking some measures to help eliminate or avoid suicidal thoughts, such as:

integrating in the community

People with suicidal thoughts should not give in to their desire to withdraw from society. Integration with others or at work is an important part of treatment, as are regular doctor visits.  don't  putting the patient in a mental institution unless he poses a threat to himself or others, such as if he is attempting suicide and is saved.

Get psychological support

Psychological support from friends and family can help treat some mental disorders, such as mild depression, in some cases.

Interest in spirituality

Paying attention to the spiritual aspect of various religions is a safeguard against taking the step of suicide. “Sometimes a patient comes to the clinic and says I think about suicide, but I am afraid because of deprivation.” One of the psychiatry consultants [3]

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