The military Attaché and the station:

Israeli Intelligence Station.

The Military Attaché is an official designated by Military Intelligence, and his rank reaches from the position of Major to the Dean, and The class required:

  1. Neighboring nations.
  2. Countries of the district (potential foe states).
  3. Other nations (well disposed nations).

The principal responsibility to the outside exertion of military knowledge is the topographical neighboring nations. On account of Iraq (Iran, Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait), the outer exertion on the neighboring countries is required for military insight spoke to by their military Attachés.

To save the specialization, the remainder of the sorts of outside assistance don't meddle in knowing the capacities of the objective nation militarily. Or maybe, all military data of the objective country goes to the Military Attaché as indicated by purview.

American Intelligence Station.

The assortment of military data, guarded and hostile capacities, preparing programs, schools, military colleges, deadly implement, hardware, and military enterprises, data on senior security, and the army pioneers of the objective nation. The military Attaché is authoritatively connected to military insight.

Israeli Intelligence Station, Showing The Middle East MAP On The Screen, And Israeli Agent Watching.

The station chief at the government office frequently takes the limit of a counselor, delegate, secretary, or even a worker. He is an agent of the Foreign Intelligence Service and executive of the station inside the consulate. He regularly has obligations constrained to overseeing mystery sources and sorting out covert agent systems inside the needs of his particular objectives exploiting all the points of interest Diplomacy is supportive of his work, and the crucial international safe haven gives him all-important assurance and spread. He regularly abstains from the meeting or formal recognizable proof of the insight administrations of the objective nation until his classification is kept.

Additionally, among his obligations is to gather. Screen data about the foe's movement in the field of selection of individuals from the network,as it is more focused because it is outside the nation, as is known, the vast majority of the enrollment tasks occur during the examinations phase of the researchers, so it is set upon him the way toward exploring the aggressive action inside the network, notwithstanding crafted by mystery preventive security for missions, consulates, and workplaces of state organizations abroad, because of a paranoid fear of breaks, enlistment, and planting.

Mossad Intelligence Station.

The endeavors of the mystery exertion must not be interwoven with the effort of the official open military Attaché, who may actualize the parallel arm with the nation wherein he works, even though his advantages must concentrate on the military of that state.

Concerning the trading of knowledge data between the two nations, it is brought out through the military Attaché. On the off chance that the circumstance requires, an official originates from the nation to hold two-sided boards of trustees and participation, while the station director avoids revelation.

~ EnRi