As Nazi Germany soldiers crawled into Moscow, the capital of the Soviet Union, they collided with Stalingrad, or rather Stalingrad who collided with them! The Nazi army, which was eating green and dry land early in World War II, had little difficulty occupying large parts of the Soviet Union on the eastern front of Nazi Germany. Stalingrad .. the city that bears the personal importance of Hitler - the leader of the Nazis - as it bears the name of his archenemy - the President of the Soviets at the time - Joseph Stalin, and he pushed it with one of his strongest armies ... the sixth army that is distinguished by the strength of its officers and their military prowess, of course, his nephew.

After several months of war there, Hitler managed to occupy 90% of the city amid turmoil in the ranks of the Soviets. How can the Soviets correct the loss of the war then and put it back in their favor when they are in a very sensitive stage of humiliating weakness and great moral downfall .. The city bearing the name of their leader is just around the corner from the fall. The Russians benefited from Pavlov's experience - the Soviet scientist - on dogs. The experiment called "conditional reflex" is in a simple medical language that means that when food is served to dogs it produces saliva as an instinct in it, but what Pavlov did is a century of serving food several times with a bell sound, and after returning The dog on this horn for food with a bell sound, Pavlov pulled food and gave only a bell sound, and the amazing result is the dogs' response to salivating the bell alone without food!

In a more insidious and subtle language that is more compatible with the culture of victory - and nothing else - the century of the Soviets, dog food, not with an innocent bell sound or something before, but rather with a century of placing food under Soviet tanks several times, so dogs become as soon as you hear the sound of tanks until they run under the tank to take their food . Several times she was able to run the dogs towards the bottom of the tank, but the last time the dogs were searching for their food by hearing the tank as usual, the soldiers put high explosives on their back because the next was the German Nazi tanks. Just as the dogs used to search for their food under the tanks, they went, but did not find what was waiting for them at the bottom of the tank, but found what awaited them .. exploded and granted them the Order of the German tank bombing!

Britain - the Nazi enemy at the time - was unable to determine the factor that caused the mold-killing news, so I prepared whole warehouses to rot the bread and removed a bandage that the injured soldiers put on their wounds.

The dogs did not know what had happened, and she found herself amid a dirty game that she was forced to be in. Then the Soviet Union managed to defeat the German army several kilometers and prevent them from applying control of Stalingrad, which paved the battle for the five months that tilted in their favor in the city of their leader .. Several factors, including the Pavlov experience saved them!


During his experiments on dishes of pathogens causing pathogenic infections, Alexander Flaming discovered a substance capable of stopping the growth of germs, early in the beginning of the Second World War in 1929, Flaming, who was known for his chaos, went on vacation and returned to his laboratory and found that one of the dishes did not grow on him germs at all.The reason was a broken piece of news that came by mistake to the place. An important antibacterial agent was found at a more important time, but it is strange that he was not able to obtain recognition from official, medical or popular circles until after he proved his successes in treating the wounded of the Second World War, and that was Thanks to the efforts of two chemists who were able to turn scientific discovery and a happy coincidence into a drug drug, penicillin.

But the stage that followed Fleming’s discovery and isolation of the medicinal substance, the stage that everyone did not know about this anti-Gotham except that it is present in moldy news, so how did Great Britain benefit from that at the time when any of its soldiers was injured in the war that meant painful death Slow germs that contaminated everything at the time. Britain - the enemy of the Nazis at the time - was unable to determine the factor that caused the mold-killing news of the germs, so I prepared whole warehouses to rot the bread and raked a bandage that the injured soldiers put on their wounds to protect them from the bacterial infections that were comparable to tank shells and aircraft missiles in the effectiveness of killing the soldiers.

In this, Britain gained a huge human factor in its troop numbers to face the full and reserve mobilization that Nazi Germany was armed with. This measure greatly reduced the death toll of the soldiers, but not long. As soon as Hitler's intelligence brought this news to him, he did not differentiate very much between the armories and the warehouses, the German dictator sent an order to bomb those factories, putting the British on alert again.

Narcotic drugs

The psychological impact of World War did a lot on the peoples of the participating countries and by necessity their leaders more than others and certainly among them .. Hitler in every battle his soldiers were fighting was greatly affected by their defeat, of course that is why his doctors advised him to take narcotic drugs such as nicotine, morphine and others to prevent him from the nervous breakdown and because of his illness that he suffered In 1941.

That idea was not so good as it was initially imagined, because at the time it was not known the side effects of these drugs, which nervously affected Hitler's wrong emotional decisions. The commanding man in Germany’s strategies and battles in the ongoing war, the decisions he made in sensitive times of war and his loss. The sense of military maneuvering at crucial times, including Stalingrad that have already been talked about, from which Hitler refused to withdraw his soldiers despite their critical situation prior to their complete defeat. .

Aside from the decisions, Hitler "sick" appears again in video interviews with his soldiers hiding his trembling hand behind his back in the late World War at the time. It is possible to speak in a public language now that medicine changed the course of the world war in what he discovered in penicillin and Pavlov's conditional reflex by tilting the cuff to a party but without its heart but rather an increase in its violence and age.

And others - for the course of the war - in things that he also did not discover at the time, and talk about the side effects of narcotic drugs, which made a dangerous imperial Nazi expansion leader named Hitler, made him an emotional impulsive leader who lost the war alphabet and his palate, a war in which he later defeated the evil of defeat when it arrived The Soviet forces to Berlin committed suicide in the name of the medical paradox, too ... cyanide.