The greatest nations of the world today were one time subject to darkness in the form of corruption, exploitation, oppression, depression, riots, war,  insecurity and other forms of crime. A nation that has not suffered from war may never value peace more so, a nation that has not experienced bondage may never appreciate freedom. The great nations of Europe, Russia, America, China and a host of others in the world today paved their way through to the top by imbibing several attributes such as sacrifice, diligence, commitment, integrity and consistency. (article continues below)

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Africa is beginning to embrace growth and development on a larger scale though still faced with several limiting factors which include but not limited to corruption and bad governance. As knowledge kept increasing among the people, they began to realize that the government has failed them in some ways as the interest of the people is not much reflected by the actions of the government. In most cases, the people's way of expressing their displeasure or un-acceptance of a policy, law or an action by the government is by staging a protest to that regard as this has proven effective especially in the continent, Africa. The question then is, “why is the government not giving attention to meet the demand of its people, until it has escalated into a protest?”

Nigeria has witnessed massive protests which spanned from 7th - 20th October 2020 by which the people across the country took to streets in an effort to exercise their rights in demanding good governance and an end to police brutality which has claimed hundreds of lives over the decades.

The protest grew so big that the government of the nation was threatened and had to act fast to put an end to it. Several attempts to end the protests were annulled until after 11 days of a peaceful protest, the people began to record cases of theft, rape, murder, vandalism, and other forms of crime, thereby making the protest no longer peaceful. At least 3 prisons across the country (2 in Edo state, 1 at Ondo state and a failed attempt at Ikoyi, Lagos state) were vandalized, armory raided and thousands of inmates were set free. While the government held hoodlums responsible for those actions, the people claimed the government is responsible for the acts by regarding those actions as moves by the government to disrupt the peaceful protests. A country suffering from insecurity now having major prisons vandalized with over two thousands of inmates made to escape. How insecure the country has become? The Governor of Edo state, Hon. Godwin Obaseki, however condemned the invasion of the Nigerian Correctional Service (NCoS) Custodial Centres within the state (at Benin-City and Oko), and launched a manhunt for about 1, 993 inmates who were freed from both facilities (Edo state) on October 19, 2020.

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Indeed hoodlums and thugs hijacked the process and the protest was forcefully brought to an end on October 20, 2020, following a military intervention at the Lekki toll gate, Lagos that led to the death of some protesters and others injured. The aftermath of the protest also paved a way for the breaking into multiple warehousing and looting of covid 19 palliatives meant to be disbursed to citizens within the states.

Since the incidence of the nationwide protests, the government has been putting modalities in place and taking measures to ensure that such cases of police brutality is well resolved and also, has vowed never to allow such magnitude of protest to rock the country in the present administration as it has affected the country's economy and security in no small measure.

Meanwhile the country hasn't recovered fully following the ended protest. There seem to be large cracks on the walls of the nation's security as the Nigerian Police Force (NPF) now seem to be weakened or not in full operation. A case was reported on a radio station in Edo state of Nigeria, where a victim of armed robbery called on the Nigerian Police for rescue and the police officer asked the victim to call on the #EndSARS protesters instead. The rate of crime and violence recorded across the country at present is alarming. For instance Benin-City, Edo state. The past weeks starting from 12 November, 2020 have recorded brutal killings of no fewer than 10 young men in a cult-fight rocking the state. Security of life and property is now a stake thus several offices and businesses are forced to adjust their close time with others on a temporary close down. Kidnappings, burglary, robbery, rape and all of its associate crimes are now rampant in the state, all these happening both in the day and night. Recent cases reported on news channels this week reveal a high rate of kidnapping of men of reputation in the community. The kidnappers would request for a ransom before releasing its victims. For instance Frederick Shaibu, a younger brother to the Deputy Governor of Edo state was reportedly kidnapped by gunmen while going to drop his kids in the school on Monday, 9 November, 2020 and was then released by his abductors on Wednesday, 11 November 2020. Meanwhile, the amount paid as ransom was not disclosed to the public.

Is the government aware of all these happenings in the local communities within the states and country at large, of course, Yes! It's no hidden truth-its reported on the nation's news channels,  newspapers, radio stations and on social media platforms. The question then is 'what step is the government taking to put an end to all of these and to restore sanity and peace in the society?'

Africa’s security can be analyzed from three perspectives, which are Realism, Globalism, and Regionalism. These three perspectives are the best way to critically examine the African state’s security policies.

Nigeria is a great nation and its position on the map of Africa is like a trigger to a hand pistol. In other words Nigeria could be the start point for an African revolution. Following the ended #EndSARS protest in Nigeria, other Africa nations has begun a protest in a similar trend. For instance, KAMPALA, Uganda is currently experiencing a civil unrest in which over 37 people have been reportedly killed in violent protests rocking the country in the past weeks, as supporters of Bobi Wine, presidential candidate and pop star (presumably the strongest challenger to Uganda's longtime leader Yoweri Museveni in the 2021 elections) clashed with security forces over his arrest. The 76 years old, Yoweri Museveni is one of the longest serving presidents in Africa and on the globe. He has been president of Uganda for 34 years since 29 January 1986.

Angola, another African nation is also experiencing protests. Angola news reported the arbitrary arrest of Lusty Beirao, the severe beating of well-known activists Nito Alves and Laurinda Goveia, who are both in critical conditions and the killing of a protester in the capital, Luanda, on November 11, 2020. The security forces were seen to be resisting the protesters thereby suppressing the protests which is primarily geared towards ending corruption, rising cost of living, unemployment and loss of political freedom since October 24, 2020. The protest also saw the arrest of over 100 people including journalists.

The land and its people are crying out for help. Darkness seems to be present all over the land but there is light at the end of the tunnel. All of these gross darkness and wickedness is a pointer that the nation is close to its liberty from oppression and bondage. When a people rise up for a cause, pursuing one goal and speaking with one voice, if they don't give up then nothing can stop them. Indeed, Nigeria as a nation and Africa as a continent is at the brink of a revolution.

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