The desire to know the unknown place, culture, nature that makes travellers different from everyone else. Travelling now is a passion for millions of travellers. The name of "Sreemangal" will be at the first level of the list when it asks to travel in Bangladesh. The green nature will surprise you as this area is the most rain prone place in Bangladesh. Here you will find the only rain forest of this country, the century-old tea garden, "Hali Haor", "Baikka Beel", and the most popular seven colours of tea. Sreemangal is known as the capital of tea, winter city, rain-fed region, tourist city, etc due to the natural beauty and pleasant environment of Sreemangal.

Sreemangal Credits: Observerbd

Distance from the capital city Dhaka of Bangladesh to Sreemangal about 200 km. But this area is on the border of Bangladesh and Tripura state of India. Basically, Sreemangal is an Upazila in the Moulvibazar district in the Sylhet division. This tourist place is full of natural beauty. For this reason, travellers choose this place to visit. Places of interest to visit are in Sreemangal and nearby Kamalganj Upazila. Let's explore the best place to travel in Sreemangal.

Hum Hum Waterfall

Hum Hum Waterfall Credits: traditionalinfo

Hum Hum Waterfalls is located in the deep in the Rajkandi Reserve Forest of Kamalganj Upazila of Moulvibazar district. This waterfall was hidden from public view for a long time. This waterfall was not visible to anyone because it is inaccessible and out of the local's area. The way to Hum Hum is the most enjoyable but difficult. On the way, you will see a variety of plants, unnamed herbs, shrubs, bamboo forests, wildflowers, among which bamboo gardens with Varieties of bamboo can be seen.

Tea Garden

Tea Garden Credits: dhakatribune

Commercial tea cultivation in this region started about one hundred and a half years ago. The tea garden is a big attraction for ordinary travellers in Sreemangal. If you walk a short distance from this city surrounded by greenery, you will see tea gardens resembling hill after hill. If you want to walk on a crooked path in the garden, you have to get permission from the authorities. The sight of the garden staff picking tea leaves will surprise you.

Baikka Beel

Baikka Beel Credits: travelandexplorebd

Baikka Beel is a part of the famous Hail Haor of Sreemangal. This beautiful Baikka Beel with about 100 hectares of wetland on the east side of Hail Haor. The beauty of this beel, made as a fish and bird sanctuary, will surprise you. The main attraction of Baikka Beel in winter is the variety of birds. There are two observation towers for travelers to enjoy the birds of the beel.

Lawachara National Park

Lawachara National Park Credits: nishorgo

Due to the heavy rainfall in this forest, the trees compete for sunlight and grow very tall and spread their stalks on top to form a canopy so that the sunlight does not reach the forest soil. Tropical evergreen and mixed evergreen forest with an area of ​​1250 hectares. When you enter the forest in the morning, you will be fascinated by the chirping of innumerable birds and the call of apes. The only surviving African teak tree in Bangladesh is in Lawachara National Park. Endangered apes are found in only four countries in the world and the highest number of apes is found in Lawachara National Park in Bangladesh.

Sataranga Tea

Sataranga Tea Credits: atlasobscura

Sataranga tea means seven colours of tea. Seven colours of tea in the same glass may seem unrealistic. But that's true and it's available in Sreemangal Nilkontho Tea Cabin. Seven layers in a cup of tea, really awesome. Those who come to visit Sreemangal should not forget to taste Sataranga tea.

Madhabpur Lake

Madhabpur Lake Credits: dailyasianage

Madhabpur Lake, in the middle of the high hill, is really wonderful. The sparkling waters of the lake, the shady surroundings, the presence of water lilies make it even more captivating. Madhabpur Lake is located in Patrakhla Tea Garden in the Madhabpur Union of Kamalganj Upazila. Madhabpur Lake is artificially created by collecting water by embanking three hills in the middle of the tea garden. The tea-garden authorities have made a narrow path for walking along the shores of the lake under the tea-garden. From here you can see several hills in the Indian state of Tripura.

Dhaka to Sreemangal 

Now corona-virus has disrupted public life. This time is not perfect to visit outside the home. If you want to travel anywhere after this pandemic Sreemangal is one of the places to visit. If you want to visit  Sreemangal, you can ride by bus or train from Dhaka. You have to get off at Sreemangal by bus from Dhaka Sayedabad bus stand, Kamalapur bus stand, Arambagh bus stand or by a Sylhet-bound train from Kamalapur railway station.