Many people who suffer from sight problems can have different disadvantages through their daily lives unlike people who do not suffer from sight problems or issues.

The human sight is something totally important in the life of each person, for many people who suffer from sight problems the experience of simply having to deal with stressful problems related to not being able to see properly turns into feelings and sensations of anxiety and sadness.

The human eye is quite similar to a camera that receives and transmits in a low light through a lens in charge of creating another representative "image" of everything that surrounds the human body and what exists around it.

Elegant glasses
Many people prefer to wear glasses and others prefer to wear contact lenses depending on their personalities and how they feel they look to others. 

The human eye is an unique camera that is mainly capable of generating a wide variety of scenes and recreate images with special sensors. In the human eye, the image that is received with its main sensor, is generated in the retina, which is a fairly thin layer of light-sensitive tissue located at the back of the human eye.

When any type of light enters through the human eye, the retina transforms the light into different nerve signals, which send the signals to the human brain through the optic nerve which is a cable full of nerve fibers, if in our human organism there were no retina or optic nerve, the human eye wouldn't be able to fully communicate with the human brain, which would cause the human being to not properly see.

Visual handicaps and disabilities in visually impaired people are related to people who can't see distant objects or have difficulties/problems focusing on objects, places and people. Nowadays, the most common vision problems are known to be:

  • hyperopia
  • myopia
  • astigmatism
  • presbyopia

What is Hyperopia?

Hyperopia is a common type of refractive error where you can see many distant objects more clearly than many objects that are close. Even so, many people come to have situations related to farsightedness in different ways, for young people it is quite common that they don't experience any problems with their vision, but with some people with considerably advanced farsightedness, their vision can become quite blurry to focus on objects, people or places in the distance.

What is Myopia?

Myopia is a type of refractive error in the human eye in which many near objects are seen clearly but some objects in the distance become blurred. Myopia develops in human eyes that focus images in front of the retina instead of "on the retina" as they normally should, which results in a quite blurry vision and is the result of the eyeball being quite large and preventing incoming light from being focused directly on the retina. This can result in blurred vision. It occurs when the eyeball is too long and prevents any incoming light from focusing directly on the retina.

What is Astigmatism?

Astigmatism is a type of refractive error in the human eye which is a problem in the eye that fails to focus light evenly on the retina. A person with a normal cornea has a curvature similar to a soccer ball while an eye with astigmatism has a cornea with a curvature similar to an American Football ball with some areas being much steeper, longer or rounder than others. A person with astigmatism sight problems may see in a blurred or distorted way.

What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia is a condition in the human vision that is common as people age, related to the condition of tired eyes. Presbyopia is the inability to make the eye focus up close. Anyone over the age of 30 can become at risk of developing presbyopia in their eye. It is generally known that many people lose the ability to focus on near objects as they age.

For many people who have a completely healthy and sound eyesight, there are some instructions or measures that can be helpful in preventing vision problems:

  • The use of safety glasses when doing heavy work such as using power or dangerous tools.
  • The use of sunglasses. The sun's rays can damage the human vision more quickly in any person who has a completely healthy eyesight.
  • Do not use the glasses with magnification from a relative, friend or close person simply for "fashion" or for wanting to use them. The special magnification for a visually impaired person can be dangerous for the normal human eye that is in perfect condition, considerably forcing the human eyesight.
  • Do not drink any kind of alcohol in excess.
  • Keep the cholesterol in the human body fully under control.
  • Follow a food diet rich in vegetables and proteins.
In many cases, vision problems can be solved as soon as the human eye is fully developed and finishes its growth process.

In relation to eye problems, there are many cases of people who are lucky at the time that they can be operated and their problems would end with a good operation, but in other cases, many people are not as lucky and have to deal with these problems for the rest of their lives.

In conclusion, sight is a gift in our lives and we always have to know how to take care of ourselves if we enjoy a healthy sight, do not force our sight, sleep well and exercise every day.