Positivism is a feeling of comfort and happiness in the face of adversity, difficulties or bad moments lived during daily life. To be able to appreciate what we have in life and be positive we must know how to look at what we have achieved, what we achieve every day and what we want to achieve in order to have a healthy life, in peace and tranquility with positive environments.

The small things are characterized as those things that give peace, happiness or good vibes to any person; the small things are all those sensations, experiences and memories that are present in each one of us.

The memories in relation to positivism is totally everything that remains to us as experience and memories. Each experience possesses a special and significant meaning for each person who lives happiness in the foreground. The memories are the experiences that may be happy, positive, sad or negative; depending on each context, memories give us happiness, comfort, nostalgia and in some cases sadness depending on the type of memory that is being recalled.

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However, the little things in life are the experiences and special moments we spend with the people we love and appreciate the most; positivism is when a person feels happy and wants to maintain tranquility and peace in their lifestyle despite adversities.

How to be positive in the face of adversity?

It is impossible to say that adversities do not exist in a person's everyday life. Each person has their own experiences, memories and lived moments, in the same way, each person has the ability to control in the best or worst way any situation in each context, related with what may be happening.

When some things do not turn out as planned, many people tend to stress and take the adversities or problems in a wrong way. The only way to face the problems is in a relaxed way and thinking especially about the small happy things until reaching any objective points, or in fact, a conclusion as a general.

Adversities are those problems that are present in our daily lives and that, in some way or another, should not take away the positivism or happiness that we carry with ourselves before the problems appear.

The small things in our lives teach us that even though many problems come to us, it is always important to know how to think about things with time, to know how to react to problems, and above all, to take things in a very calm way, learning to not alter the result of our emotions in relation to things that do not go or result as planned or simply go wrong.

Needless to say, people who are positive and who know how to handle their problems in a peaceful, relaxed and wise way, are much happier since they know how to distribute much of their positive energies in the face of some problems that seem to be closed, confusing or meaningless.

Personal experiences and memories

The personal memories of each person mean a lot or little, depending on the inner feelings towards some past or still present situations.

Memories have a great influence in relation to the memories that can reach the mind in spite of time, if a memory is made with a negative character and brings negative vibes, most probably, the person will take the situation of the memory in a sad or negative way.

It must be emphasized that, one of the best ways to know how to handle a negative memory is to take out the most important ideas, the reasons why this experience happened, how it happened and why it was presented under those circumstances, then, knowing how to understand the different points previously mentioned and knowing how to take the experience to a forgotten memory or an overcome memory.

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Depending on the person, it is important to note that, every human being has the ability to completely sadden their experiences in a more serious way, even many people who thought they had overcome difficult experiences and, after a long time, they remembered these bad memories and fell back into a cycle of bad vibes loaded with negativism, thinking they can't get out of their bad experiences in a positive or well managed way.

Negative burdens harm people, every human being should lead a healthy and wholesome life in the physical and mental aspect; especially, negative burdens are the ones in charge of taking the positive feelings of a person to their lowest points.

Adversities with no way out

For many people, some problems are often seen as cycles or vicious circles with no way out or no solution, but the truth is that, the more we have the idea that we won't have any result of a solution or an exit to any problem, adversity or circumstance presented throughout our lives, we will never get out of the problems.

The positive vibes shown day by day, demonstrate that a person, being positive and smiling to the life as well as being grateful with what he or she has, trying to show that there is always time for change or improvement, will also improve the aspects of refusal to find a way out of any problem or adversity; every adversity or negative circumstance presented in our lives will always have a solution or way out in some way.

The problems that are faced to us are usually stressful and quite annoying. In fact, some people do not know how to handle their personal situations, their adversities and problems in a wise and relaxed way, but prefer to stress their minds and put more negative charges to their life situations.

Adversities are bad experiences and situations in which each person has the power with willpower to know how to handle these issues in a positive or negative way  and their solution to the problems in a happy way or in many cases, in a peaceful way.

Relationship of positivism to personal problems

At present, and in many countries, there are people trained in the area of guiding people with problems or adversities that consider that they can't be able to find a way out of their problems. Some psychologists can take their situations and others might not be able to take care of them.

The truth is that, depending on the strength of positivism in wanting to improve the personal adversities and knowing how to handle them on the part of a person, it will show the results and changes over time.

Support groups for people from different areas and contexts are groups in which by their own meaning, they show support and personal refuge in positive thoughts for different people, experiences and stories that in some way or another, help in every personal aspect to people who need to learn how to handle some heavy situations in a better way taking into account their personal points of views in relation to their adversities.

“Be able to love, heal and accept yourself, so you can then offer these gifts to others”

In conclusion, positivism is something that should always prevail in the face of some adversities or problems that are usually seen as walls or dead ends. Happiness is an unique feeling that cannot be extinguished, no matter what.

Bad experiences cannot take away some person's smiles or their ways of seeing their good personal moments. In a way, each person has their good moments or what they would consider "pleasant moments".

Adversities and problems are stages of life that are not comparable to positivism and the handling of serious situations. Each person thinks in a different way and handles their adversities in different ways, but we know that, although not all human beings have the same adversities, there will always be a solution to many problems that seem to be impossible to solve or resolve.