After the killing of Al-Zarqawi in 2006, the conflict started heading from Al Qaeda to another opponent, which is Iran and the Shiite factions that are supported by money, arms, and support by advisers to carry out counter-actions by the American forces in Iraq. In 2009, a plane landed in Baghdad airport with 50 people who had just come from Tehran. The period was a drone watching the place and transporting photos from the airport to the striking force of the Rangers and the SEAL who stopped 4 Stryker armored vehicles and Toyota Hilux wheels without numbers in an area that stopped the place of taxis to transport the departing passengers from the airport ..

The Iranian made a call and during his call the Rangers intercepted the call and recognized his character. Immediately, the text of a dozen of Rangers moved on the wheel of a Toyota Hilux moved a short distance before the Rangers got out of it and cordoned off the Iranians. Are you Jews, men? And the Rangers' commander answered him. What did you say? The Iranian told him that the Americans are not stupid enough to arrest me. The man’s self-confidence was not a false courage in the dilemma that the United States faced in Iraq. This Iranian was a prominent figure in the Quds Force and he holds a diplomatic passport.

Nevertheless, the strength of the Al-Quds network, which has strong alliances throughout the Shiite political structure, and this means that any American moves against its activists are considered highly sensitive matters, an American officer says ((that the officer in the Quds Force was laughing at who was supposed to be detained because he was Knows he is protected)) The Quds Force was established in the Iraq-Iran war, as it combined the roles of gathering intelligence and clandestine work for Iran and carrying out special operations and its proxy wars for the Islamic Republic in the Middle East and beyond.

This force was behind the Lebanese anti-Israel Hezbollah organization and is now seeking to attack and kill American forces In Iraq, the Quds Force was divided into the legions of each corps responsible for a geographical region. The Ramadan Legion was responsible for the operations of Iraq, while the Quds Force commander Qasim Soleimani was the one who guided Iran's policy toward Iraq.

Qasim Soleimani , commander of its Quds Force

Soleimani was exercising power in Iraq through a complex, variable-power network, which included the Badr Organization and the Mahdi Army led by the Shiite leader Muqtada al-Sadr and his factions that coalition forces referred to as naming special groups, right-to-law gangs, Hezbollah brigades and the Gharawi group in Maysan, southern Iraq. Soleimani found that the Badr Organization was particularly useful as it and the Islamic Supreme Council have historical ties with the Quds Force dating back to the years of exile in Iran whose issues in Iran during Saddam Hussein's rule and had close ties with members of the Iraqi parliament, where the power of DDS from Badr Organization in gathering intelligence information in addition to the activities of other factions ..

Muqtada al-Sadr

"Are you willing to kill the Americans and are you ready to coordinate the attacks? If the answer is yes, the response is this money and this money," the officer said, "The officer compared this approach to that of what you worked with." American intelligence in Afghanistan, where the agency was arming and training Afghan jihadists in their war against the Soviet occupation and against their Afghan Communist allies in the 1980s.

The Quds Force led media operations in Iraq against any agreement between the United States and Iraq that governs the future role of the coalition forces in Iraq, as well as the objectives of these media operations. Reconciliation between the Shiite factionswhile those factions focused only attacks on the coalition forces, in 2005 the Quds Force presented A new weapon for the Iraqi battlefield, which is the armor-piercing device (EFP), which is a type of roadside bomb that has molten copper in it and which penetrates the armor of armored coalition vehicles. The use of these devices increased by 150% ؜ in the year 2006, which caused Casualties among US troops stood at 30% ؜of total Injuries victims of soldiers in Iraq, the Americans ..

Since the end of 2006 and until the beginning of 2007, American intelligence estimated that there are 150 Iranian active elements in the two subordinates of the Quds Force in the shadow of the US government's exile for many years, but after those years of hesitation in confronting the Iranians, the chain of command in the United States is no longer able to ignore the number of dead who died At the hands of the Jerusalem Corps ..

In the summer of 2006, then-Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld ordered General McChrystal to use special operations to target the Shiite factions because General John Casey, the commander of the multinational forces, did not have the authority to give orders to the commanding forces of joint special operations, while McChrystal was asked to pursue the Shiite factions and any of the Shiites. Matters are one of the first priorities of the American forces after using the EFPs

 General McChrystal 
General John Casey

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