The Royal Bengal Tiger is a distinctive subspecies of tigers. They are mainly found in India and Bangladesh. They can also be found in Nepal, Bhutan, Myanmar, and parts of Southern Tibet. The Bengal tiger is the largest subspecies of tiger.

They are found in the Sundarbans region of India and Bangladesh and is known worldwide as the Royal Bengal Tiger. The national animal of Bangladesh is the Royal Bengal Tiger. And the Royal Bangle Tiger is also called the icon of Bengali.

Bengal Tiger

The tiger is the most talked-about wild animal in almost all parts of the world, and there is no end to the wonder and admiration for it. However, tigers are mainly known for their wild and ferocious forms. The most famous is the Royal Bengal Tiger; There are also Siberian Tiger, Malayan Tiger, etc. But the most exciting fact is that these tigers are recognized as the national animal of 6 countries. The countries are Bangladesh, India, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Siberia.

Tiger Fighting Each Other 

The tiger is not just an animal; it is associated with the history and traditionof the Bengali. The Royal Bengal Tiger is one of the few facts that introduced Bengali to the world. The positive identity of Bangladeshabroad is the tiger and Sundarbans. If we look at the history and tradition of the Bengali, there is the presence of tigers - tiger stories, poems, pot songs are prevalent around the Sundarbans. As a result, tigers have a kind of supernatural role in human life outside of environmental nature.

Area of Sundarbans in Google Map 

The Sundarbansis a mangrove forest covering an area of ​​ten thousand square kilometers in Bangladesh and India Researchers say the Sundarbans is the most important area for the already endangered Royal Bengal Tiger. Bill Lawrence, a professor at James Cook University in Australia, said there are fewer than 4,000 Royal Bengal Tigers alive today. This number is very low in the case of the world's largest cat species. At one time, the animal was found in large numbers but now it is mainly confined to small areas of India and Bangladesh.

Tiger Killed by the Villagers of Sundarbans 

The number of tigers is declining due to climate change, environmental pollution problems and deforestation,and the tiger food crisis. But the experts think that the activities of poachers are the biggest reason for this horrible outcome. Lots of deer and tigers have been hunted illegally. This is the main reason for the decline of tigers. At one time, there were nine species of tigers  in the world. However, only five species of tigers have been seen in the twentieth century. The remaining three species are entirely extinct.

The main plan of the Bangladesh government for the conservation of tigers is the 'Tiger Action Plan' .Forests are the habitat of wildlife. Once this forest is destroyed, other animals, including tigers, will soon be wiped off the face of the earth as a result of both the habitat and the food crisis. This is because it is not possible to rear wildlife by removing it from the forest and conserving it elsewhere. In the end, if we are enterprising, aware, then the tiger will survive.


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